White Outfits: Explaining The Clothes That Tennis Players Wear In Competitions

By Anthony K

Lots of people don’t know that sports events like Wimbledon have their own dress codes. The all-white clothing rule stemmed from the Victorian era when tennis was considered a polished sport. Years later, the tournament is predominantly notorious for having one of the most strict dress codes of any sporting event in the world.

Players must stick to the same all-white clothing during matches.

Some rules include the following; caps, shorts, skirts, and accessories must be entirely white save for a single trim of color. Shoes must also be a shade of white. According to officials, the all-white attire guarantees that athletes only stand out for their exceptional play.

Source: @johnfo / Unsplash

They also argued that the rules are meant to keep players cool and comfortable in the hot summer sun, but some argue that it is outdated and unfair.

Recently issued guidelines for clothing allow players to wear any color as long as it is “predominantly white.” Players are expected to dress in a way that is respectful of the tradition of the sport. Andre Agassi, during his prime, turned down playing at Wimbledon in the late 80s as he was against this rule.

More recently, Australia’s Nick Kyrgios has been fined for wearing red shoes and caps in the court area.

Source: @artempodrez / Pexels

Over the years, many of the game’s top players have voiced their opinion, with some calling for a complete overhaul of the dress code and others arguing that it should be kept as is.

What do you think? Should Wimbledon players be okay with the all-white rule? Or should they be allowed to wear any color they please?