The Impact Of Playing Sports During Puberty

By Peter C

The period of one’s life when one experiences rapid growth is known as puberty. The puberty stage of anyone’s life could be impactful in defining and significant ways. They could be negative or positive. Puberty comes with the increase in the muscle strength, hormones, and body size of individuals, and for those who engage in sports from an early age, it can improve their performances tremendously.

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There is a process known as the Adolescent Growth Spurt (AGS) that both girls and boys experience during puberty. During this process, a momentary decline in a young athlete’s body control and body skills may occur. The brain, weight, and height also experience some adjustments that shape the athletic abilities of these individuals.

All these changes, as well as the ages during which they happen, can have huge effects or impacts on the sports performances of these teenagers. This period of their lives is more observable in certain sports requiring body control and good body balance, like gymnastics, figure skating, basketball, and diving. As a result of these apparent changes in the body, trainers and coaches have started introducing specific practices and sessions during training, all in the best interests of the sportsmen and women. This is to help them adapt as quickly as possible and help them thrive.

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We have seen athletes suffer very devastating and long-lasting injuries even in their early years. The risk of suffering anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear increases as they grow heavier and taller during puberty.