The Food We Eat Seemingly Defines Our Personality During The Big Game

By Eric M

You are what you eat! They say your personality during the Big Game can be revealed through studying the foods you eat. And there is plenty of food at Game Day parties!

Image courtesy of @shkrabaanthony / Pexels

When it’s time for the Big Game, friends get together and throw some unforgettable parties. And it’s not just for the food – it’s mostly to spend time with friends cheering on the team you all love. But the truth is that not all your close friends are into sports as much as you are; or maybe you’re that person.

The good thing about game day parties is that everyone is welcome, regardless of how much they love or despise sports. You’ll still get to hang out with your friends at these parties; after all, it’s not like they will talk about the game 100% of the time.

If you want to learn more about your friends’ personalities on game day, we may have found the perfect way to do that. Apparently, you can tell someone’s personality solely based on the food they eat. Don’t believe us?

Image courtesy of @alleksana / Pexels

We tried out one of Buzzfeed’s personality quizzes only to find out how our food preference affects our personality. Because we love eating potato chips, hot dogs, sliders, steak, and brownies (for dessert), we were dubbed a “social butterfly.”

If you like eating those foods as well, it means that, while you enjoy the game, you like spending time with your friends more.