The First 9 Olympic Sports That First Allowed Women To Participate

By Peter C

Women’s participation in the Olympics started in 1900, even though they could only participate in three sports. However, the scope of this competition has been extended to allow women’s participation and involvement in almost every sport.

In this article, you will read about some of these Olympic sports and when they were first allowed for women.

1. Golf, tennis, and sailing

Image credits: Take Photo/Shutterstock

In the 1900 Olympic Games, women participated in the competition for the first time. The first set of female athletes in this competition was limited to three sports: Sailing, Tennis, and Golf. In this year’s Olympics, Charlotte Cooper made history as the first woman to win an individual competition.

2. Archery

Women were first allowed to participate in Archery at the 1904 Olympic Games. Matilde Howell, an American archer, became the first woman to win the sport’s first gold medal.

3. Swimming and diving

In the 1912 Olympic games, the competition ensured the full participation of women in two sports: Swimming and diving. Fanny Durack, one of the female athletes in this competition, won the first gold medal in swimming and became the first woman to achieve this feat.

4. Fencing

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Fencing became a new addition to the women’s sports categories in 1924. During this year’s Olympics, Ellen Osier put on a stellar performance and became the sport’s first female champion.

5. Athletics and Gymnastics

Women were not allowed to participate in Athletics and Gymnastics until 1928. Halina Konopacka left the competition with a gold medal and became the first woman to achieve this remarkable feat in Olympic Athletics. In gymnastics, the Dutch women’s gymnastics team won the sport’s first gold medals.