The England Lionesses’ Uniform Change: Breaking Taboos In Sports

By Peter C

Citing menstrual concerns, the England women’s football team effectively lobbied the Football Association to change the color of their shorts from white to blue. The Lionesses’ new uniforms are the result of an unofficial campaign by senior squad members, particularly Beth Mead, who discussed the issue with Nike, the team’s kit manufacturer, during the European Championship last summer.

Source: @jeffreyflin/Unsplash

Although some players avoid potential problems by using the contraceptive pill or having lighter periods, those who have heavier flows or whose periods begin unexpectedly during a match can face significant difficulties. With the introduction of the new blue shorts, players no longer need to be concerned about wearing white during their menstrual cycles.

England has joined other women’s football teams, including Manchester City, West Bromwich Albion, and Orlando Pride, in ditching white shorts, as has Ireland’s women’s rugby union team. England will also wear “gym blue” home shorts and “coast blue” away shorts in the upcoming Women’s World Cup.

Nike also created an “ultra-thin short liner” to absorb any leaking blood. This novel development will aid the Lionesses as they complete their training for the upcoming World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

Source: Nike

The removal of the white shorts is a significant victory for England’s women’s team, led by Leah Williamson and Lotte Wubben-Moy, who has previously advocated for equal access to all sports in physical education (PE) at school. The squad’s increased success on the field and influential voice off the field demonstrate their growing influence.

The decision by the Football Association to change the color of the Lionesses’ shorts from white to blue is a positive step that demonstrates the governing body’s willingness to listen to its players’ concerns. The change also emphasizes the importance of considering all athletes’ needs, regardless of gender, and accommodating them accordingly.