It’s Just How We Roll: 45 Winning Sports Memes Any Fan Can Appreciate

By Israel O

Sports have provided us with many benefits. In most cases, they are sources of fun and entertainment. However, they also serve societal, economic, and social benefits. People that participate in sports at national and international competitions have also made a fortune while doing what they love. As the number of sports stars increased, fans and followers did too. This large fanbase has also led to entire TV stations, then websites and social media accounts, dedicated to sports. Players do not mind the camera during these events because they are so engrossed in the game. Many memes have been created from funny facial expressions, impeccably timed camera shots, and bizarre player reactions. These memes have been a source of ageless comedy, and today, we have put together a few of them that are guaranteed to have you giggling. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

He isn’t taking any chances

Undoubtedly, swimming is one of the most physically rigorous sports out there. We say this because it requires almost every muscle in the body. So do many others, but come on, think about it. They’re shooting through the water – we’re talking core, arms, legs, all of it.

Image courtesy of Andrey Burmakin

People participate in swim races at all levels, from local meets to the Olympics. Here, this swimmer is prepared to beat everyone he comes across. Even if it’s at practice or for leisure, he is ready to turn it into a race once he sees you in the lane next to him.

Marrying the right person

Bowling offers much more than recreational benefits. For instance, this meme tells us that you should take your potential life partner bowling before you tie the knot. However, we doubt that this statement is absolute and proven, but we totally get it.

Image courtesy of Asia Images Group

Truly, taking your potential life partner to a bowling game will give you a hint about their targeting and throwing skills. If these skills are paramount in your choice of a spouse, then you’re free to make a bowling arena your favorite date spot. They will also tell you if they’re a sore loser or not.

Ball is life

Of course, playing sports keeps our bodies healthy (well, rugby might be the exception – just kidding, kinda), and for some of us, we know the seasons by which sport we’re watching or playing in our free time. But what would we do if they were all gone?!

Image courtesy of JACEK SKROK. Suzanne Tucker and Pair Srinrat

We even think many people might become depressed if they can’t play football or watch the next baseball game. We may or may not belong to this category. Okay, we are definitely these people, and we truly believe ball is life – and not just basketball, either!

When the table turns

Putting together the perfect team can take some serious time depending on the sport, the owner, and a few other factors. But often, die-hard fans will get very annoyed when a rookie joins that they feel will bring the team down.

Image courtesy of Verse Photography – Flickr: CC BY-SA 2.0 / wikicommons

Whichever criteria is used to select team members, the expression on this player’s face depicts how everyone reacts when the last player to be picked turns out to be the best. You just never know, and that’s why some players get cool nicknames.

You’re not alone anymore

Everyone knows the joy that accompanies getting to the pool and realizing that you have the whole place to yourself. You tend to enjoy the swimming session better when you’re alone since you’ll be able to try out any moves you want without any prying eyes.

Image courtesy of Ryzhkov Oleksandr and Geoff Nelson

Michael Phelps’s expression accurately depicts the disappointment that everyone feels when they see someone else get in the pool. It even gets much worse when the number of people increases. If we got that look from the gold medalist, we’d probably find somewhere else to practice.

Playing Bumper cars

Car racing is one of the most followed sports in the world. It’s also one of the most lucrative and rewarding events you can ever see. Typically, drivers are meant to go around a circular race track till they get to the finish line. 

Image courtesy of Matthew Jacques

And, of course, no one wants to crash, but it happens pretty often, and that is the point of this if you aren’t familiar with this exciting sport. And no, friends, no one gets bored and switches games in the middle.

Hitting the bull’s eye

Here’s someone who thinks he is good at throwing darts. Dart throwers always aim for a bull’s eye since it awards the most points. There’s always a sense of accomplishment that accompanies hitting the target. It’s no wonder it’s such a popular game.

Image courtesy of Studio Romantic

This man admits that he isn’t exactly the best dart thrower out there, and whenever he hits the bull’s eye, the dart bounces right off. We have the feeling that he is describing our dart skills, and we just can’t help but wonder how he knew.

The rocket man

Ryan Newman is an American professional racecar driver and was nicknamed “rocket man.” The man has enjoyed some success, but his recent win left him twenty-eight. Here, he has been used as the subject of a meme. 

Image courtesy of Grindstone Media Group

Truly, the American driver hasn’t enjoyed exceptional success like other stock race drivers. However, his record earned him this dark meme. We know that his fans will likely come to his defense, as they should! But a true fan can also take a joke.

Too late to throw in the towel

Throwing in the towel is a common phrase, but did you know it comes from boxing? It refers to the moment a boxer quits the match in defeat by throwing a towel into the ring. Today the use of the idiom has extended well beyond its origins.

Image courtesy of WoodysPhotos

There’s no shame in throwing in the towel in some scenarios. However, this player isn’t having the best day after suggesting to his coach that the team should give up. We assume that most of his throws were intercepted during the game. 

The fun in archery

Archery stands as a sport that serves two crucial purposes. First, it is a source of fun and entertainment. Second, it is highly underrated. All sports require training and determination, but archery is about so much more than being able to run fast and throw straight.

Image courtesy of zeljkodan

The funny thing about archery is that you have to draw the arrow as far back as possible in order to have a perfect launch. Get it? Too many drawbacks? We do love a well-executed pun, and this one is top-notch.

Practice versus reality

Playing tennis or any sport during practice is different from playing in front of a crowd. During training, you have the liberty to move freely without the thought of prying eyes or cameras. However, the story changes when you walk out to face a bunch of people.

Image courtesy of spass and lev radin

This picture perfectly depicts what is going on in some athletes’ minds. Playing without an opponent is naturally less stressful, but we are sure all you tennis players do a fine job out there on the court. Just imagine you’re Serena.

Riding a horse isn’t child’s play

The definition of a real sport is relative. Some people regard horseback riding as a real sport, while others think it’s just a recreational activity. Apart from the strength, training, and stamina that horseback riding requires, you must also be fearless.

Image courtesy of FXQuadro

We believe that these qualities are enough to make it more than qualify as a real sport. Besides, what we see in this picture further buttresses our point. You can see that doing a high jump with a horse isn’t child’s play. 

Expectation versus reality

Star players, especially in soccer, carry a huge responsibility on and off the pitch. They are expected to remain consistent in form throughout the season. In this picture, you can see the expectations many soccer players probably have for themselves.

Image courtesy of Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley and feelphoto

However, the story changes on the pitch where you have real opponents. If you’re a striker, you should expect tackles and close marking by defenders. The bottom line is that the reality on the pitch sometimes does not match anyone’s expectations.

You’re meant to shoot

In basketball, a shooting guard has a vital role on the team. They are meant to score points for the team by throwing the ball from various distances. But another thing they’re supposed to do is be part of the team, not play solo.

Image courtesy of Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley

Whenever the ball is with the opposing team, a shooting guard is meant to steal the ball and ensure that he gets some points by shooting. Sorry for all those basketball lovers out there, but we had to spell it out for the others too! But y’all know Harden loves the ball.

The rugby dance

Playing rugby truly comes with many dangers, and we are pretty sure players and fans alike are tired of their favorite sport being compared to American football. Yes, both sports typically require strength, agility, stamina, and impeccable techniques to play. 

Image courtesy of Paolo Bona

Rugby players also wear short shorts, which some of us might wonder about since they get thrown to the ground several times a game. If we consider these funny bits about the game, we’d all agree it is a beautiful game to watch. 

The history of baseball

More than one hundred and fifty years ago, baseball was named the national pastime because people play and watch it to pass the time whenever they are free or wish to relax. Since then, the name hasn’t changed. But of course, not everyone is a fan.

Image courtesy of and Eric Fahrner

Hockey fans have hijacked this nickname and tweaked it in their favor. They believe that baseball is what passes the time till hockey starts. While both baseball and hockey share a similarity or two, we’re sure baseball fans won’t be happy to hear this!

An injury-prone player

Undoubtedly, Neymar is one of the best players in the world at the moment. The Brazilian stay has enjoyed enviable success at Barcelona and Paris St. Germain, which cemented a place for him among the greatest players of all time.

Image courtesy of Ricardo

However, the skillful player’s career has been plagued by several injuries, and he has earned a reputation for it. He hardly escapes a season without getting hurt. Some people blame his fragile bones, and this meme even attests to his internet fame. 

Doing the impossible

Golfing is a subtle art and sport that amazes a lot of people. Some fans think that golfers are magicians owing to how they can locate a tiny hole by shooting a ball from a very long distance. It’s pretty cool when you think about it.

Image courtesy of Chagas and Marc Ward

It seems this person’s strength in the game is always finding water (which is not good, for the non-golfers out there). So should NASA ever be seriously searching, they should call him in to give it a shot. Or us. We’re also terrible golfers.

An awkward moment

A truly awkward moment is when the pitcher gets the only RBI of the night. For non-baseball enthusiasts, an RBI, also known as run batted in, is a statistic used in baseball to reward a batter for making a play that leads to a run being scored. 

Image courtesy of

Getting an RBI is a feat that many players aspire to achieve. Currently, Albert Pujols of the Dodgers is the player with the most RBIs currently playing. He is just a few points behind Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth. He might become a legend, y’all, so keep an eye on him.

Musical sport

This player must be a big fan of Silento. If there ever was a musical sport, this player would also be a good poster boy. His stance makes people think that he is dancing to the famous song by Richard Lamar. 

Image courtesy of Dennis Ku

As we mentioned several times, star players do not mind what they look like when they’re in the middle of a game, as long as their form is good. The only thing that mattered at the time was the Blue Jay’s victory.

The price of being engrossed

Professional athletes and sports stars are often hyper-focused during their matches or events. Since they have to put in their all, they do not mind their appearance or camera angle. Athletes who worry too much about this have to work on moving past their stage fright.

Image courtesy of Barbieri

However, certain sports produce more funny facial expressions than others. For example, archers are more likely to be photographed looking ridiculous than boxers. Also, soccer players tend to make sillier expressions when compared to track athletes. But they’re all gold mines.

Missing the ball

We do not know if this guy has a sight problem or is simply overconfident. In all fairness, we all have been in this kind of situation once or twice in our sports careers. Sometimes, nature and luck just don’t work for you. 

Image courtesy of Mai Groves

You might feel very confident that you’ll catch the ball like this man, only for the wind to redirect it. Typically, a true expert should be able to respond and rectify the situation immediately, but sometimes, these mishaps happen too fast.

Expert versus novice

You can never compare an expert and a novice. Typically, when you watch a sport you aren’t good at, you tend to see the performers as magicians. We know we do when watching gymnasts perform. How do they do all that?!

Image courtesy of Morrone and Andrey_Popov

Here, we see how a gymnast performs stellar and impeccable moves while balancing on poles. A typical gymnast would defy the laws of physics and even perform magical moves in front of a large crowd, whereas tripping over a simple carpet is some people’s specialty. 

The shot master

It’s nearly impossible to shoot a ball with both feet at the same time. However, some people get the feeling that shot masters like Ronaldo would be able to kick the ball farther if they shot at it with two feet. But it’s a joke, folks!

Image courtesy of Andrea Bertani

Kicking the ball with two feet at the same time just isn’t a thing. But if you want it spelled out, it would make the players fall flat on their backs, and the ball would probably only move a few feet. Funny image, right?

Hating the baller

Envy is part of human nature, and it sometimes can become unhealthy. We have a great pun here, but we could also learn a pretty good lesson from it. The lesson is that going “rolling” could earn you some underserved haters. 

Image courtesy of Andrian

You will have haters whether you go “Bowlin” or not. This is the universal lesson that life and “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio teach us. The best advice is to ensure that you do not cause harm to yourself or anyone while you’re ballin’.

Choosing  a shuttlecock

Shuttlecocks are the objects that are used during badminton in lieu of a ball (again, for those who don’t know). It typically consists of a base and a feathered or plastic body. Shuttlecocks are also color-coded based on their speed. 

Image courtesy of Nafiaa Zahri, JunAh, Luis Molinero and Mega Pixel

A red shuttlecock is usually the fastest, while the green variety is slower. However, all shuttlecocks are aerodynamically stable, which means that regardless of their initial orientation, they will remain in the cork-first position. But any real player will tell you the feathered shuttlecocks are superior to the plastic ones.

Cricket and its lack of impossibilities

There’s no doubt that cricket fans admire their stars so much. Even people who know nothing about the game know the fans are next-level in loyalty and dedication. One of the reasons for this is how cricket players play the game. It’s an art.

Image courtesy of, Vasyl Shulga and lunamarina

This picture summarizes what many fans see during the game. They just see the players shooting a ball and running around the pitch like they have superpowers, or are part of a new creation story. In reality, these players are trained to do what they do. But don’t let anything spoil the magic for you!

Flying over nonsense

This is a perfect meme to put on your door when you have trained yourself to ignore everyone’s nonsense. When you live among people of pretty much any type, you will have to deal with some unpleasantness every now and again. The idea is to rise above it all.

Image courtesy of Jake Go

The onus is upon you to fly above these nonsenses as this track athlete did over the hurdles. We have to take a moment to appreciate her athleticism and the cameraman’s impeccable timing. And look at her face – she looks almost peaceful.

A heartwarming pickup line

We doubt that the human heart contains several laps that one can swim in, but that is the beauty of cheesy pickup lines! They are always punny and rarely make sense. We really want to be like those people who take the fun out and turn this into a biology lesson, but we will refrain.

Image courtesy of

Even though the human body houses around five liters of blood, it still isn’t enough to form several laps that one can swim in. Ah, we did it anyway! Well, there is a fact for you. We’re sorry we overthought this; we hope the line works on someone. 

There’s always a way

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. This version of the old maxim is one of the most important tools that a surfer must remember before setting out. Once you set out to surf, be rest assured that there’ll always be a wave. 

Image courtesy of EpicStockMedia

If you want to surf, our dudes, then nothing will stop you! Not hurricanes or shark infestations. And that is what makes surfers just so cool, you know? They just ride those waves and look really fabulous while doing it.

Help me!

Playing tennis is not this hard, but this player made it look like rocket science. To be fair, playing any game for the first time might feel like an enormous task, especially when the ball is coming at you as several miles an hour.

Image courtesy of Schild

With practice, time, and determination, most people outgrow the fear that accompanies many sports. If you’re ever in a scenario like what we see in this meme, we recommend that you remain calm and try your luck.  

Truth or dare

The origin of skiing as a sport must definitely have been a dare. We think that the person that invented the game must have dared some friends to do something dangerous. We’re pretty convinced, and if that wasn’t the case, then who came up with this idea?

Image courtesy of Mesa Sam Wordley

And no, we’re not seriously asking. You can hardly engage in skiing as a novice without falling or sustaining some injuries. However, the danger associated with the sport doesn’t take away the fun and sense of accomplishment that shredders feel.

Snowboarding versus surfing

Surfing and snowboarding are similar sports since you have to use a board to engage in both. However, surfing deals with water and waves, while snowboarding deals with land and snow. There’s no hiding the fact that both sports are exciting.

Image courtesy of de Frias and Ipatov

While many people have various views on the hardest and more dangerous sport between the two, everyone agrees that they both bring the fun. Besides, surfing on water animals is common, and you will find many pictures of surfers riding over sharks. But what if snowboarders flew over polar bears?

The professional reaction

This guy’s face perfectly depicts everyone’s reaction when anyone is about to talk about a thing in which you are super interested. Your ears would perk up, and you would probably look their way. And if you’re a cyclist, you would definitely join in the conversation.

Image courtesy of Weyo

Everyone feels disappointed when a stranger speaks about their profession from an ignorant point of view. Cycling is life for these folks, after all. And if you have ever taken it up, you know just how fun and addicting it can truly be.

Sport and fanaticism

Every true fan wants their team to come out on top at the end of a match, no matter the circumstance. In the history of sportsmanship, we haven’t heard of any fan that wishes to sacrifice his team’s win for a player’s joy. 

Image courtesy of Antoine

This shows how far true fans can go for their favorite team. They might care a little bit whether the players enjoy the match. But really, fans are cool with whatever happens in a game as long as they have the bragging rights at the end. 

Dangerous jokes

Ice skating is an elegant and technical sport. You have to undergo rigorous training and learn a ton of choreography to succeed in the rink. Skaters also have elegant outfits and gear that enable them to perform those spectacular moves. 

Image courtesy of Victoria VIAR PRO

Cracking jokes can be dangerous! You would not want the ice to crack up. We had to repeat it because the pun is just too good. And the skater’s face here is just a little bit intense, and it drives the humor home.

Hobbies are fun

Undoubtedly, everyone has something they suck at. However, many of us become perfectionists when we engage in our chosen hobbies or passions. This is human nature, and this meme depicts it perfectly. No one is talented enough to do well at everything.

Image courtesy of and

When you’re engrossed in your hobby, you tend to be happy, and everything goes smoothly. When the wheel turns to something you don’t enjoy doing, it immediately feels like the whole world is against you. Cyclists just want to ride! Is that so hard to understand?

Nothing beats a flawless win

Playing a full round without losing a ball is one of the happiest moments any golf player can experience. The game is tough in itself, and many external or uncontrollable factors can derail the trajectory of your shots. It’s a tricky game for sure.

Image courtesy of

No matter the sport, winning a match or round without giving your opponent any moment to shine is simply phenomenal. The best thing about such a moment is that it increases your confidence and makes you feel invincible. That feeling is unmatched.

Golfing requires talent

Truly, golfing isn’t everyone’s cup of tee. Many people think once you’re in your middle age or retired, you can visit a golf course and blend in perfectly. The truth is that the sport requires talent, training, and plenty of strength. 

Image courtesy of Daniel

The ball must have been shot from a far distance by a professional golfer, which would make pushing it inside the cup at that point seem easy. Or the person with the club had the same level of golf skills that we do.

American football versus Boxing

Every sport has some peculiarities that differentiate it from others, and that’s what we love about them. Scouting for an American football player involves noting several parameters but scouting for a potential boxer isn’t always as challenging. Or that’s how football scouts feel.

Image courtesy of WAYHOME studio, fizkes, Roman Samborskyi

In this meme, we can appreciate the fact that once a person knows how to throw a punch, the scout’s work is coming to an end. In American football, on the other hand, being a great slot receiver doesn’t cut it unless you fit into the team’s scheme. 

It’s hard to be the new guy

Being the new guy on a team comes with several challenges, and we can understand why it would make someone nervous. As a new guy, the team layout and members are alien to you, making it difficult to blend in.

Image courtesy of Alexandr Grant

Being the new guy gets harder if you’re entering a bigger stage than you’ve ever been in. And if you’re a hockey player, it’s no wonder you keep getting cold feet. The look on this guy’s face probably mirrors your own as you groan at yet another pun. You’re welcome.

Outrunning my problems

This is one of the fastest men on earth being used as the subject of a meme. If anyone could run away from their problems, it would be Usain Bolt. He has successfully run his way to fame and fortune. 

Image courtesy of View

Hence, when people say you can’t run away from your problems, you would be absolutely right to object if you were this Olympic star. If you’re not, there’s a big probability that your issues will catch up to you, but just keep going!

Trying too hard

If you aren’t so into sports, and you go to a live game, the noise and cheers from fans might leave you amazed. Sometimes, you might be forced to join the cheers as you see how passionate people can be. 

Image courtesy of Sean Locke Photography

This lady doesn’t know what’s going on, but the crowd’s enthusiasm was infectious, and she’s a good sport (ha!). In a bid to jump on the bandwagon, she put up a banner saying, “yay, sports!” She might seem to be trying too hard, but you can bet your buttons she’s having a great time.

Enthusiastic fans

If you love a sport very much, you will spare nothing to watch a game live at the stadium. However, you should be ready to meet many other die-hard fans like yourself. Some of them might get a little bit aggressive at times.

Image courtesy of Neale Cousland

One of the commonest things that fans do in a stadium is to shout at every unfavorable referee decision. It’s kind of funny when you think about it. It really does feel like they’re yelling with every ounce of their strength and being.

Bring back the super bowl

The annual playoff championship of the national football league is something that every true football fan anticipates. Once the Super Bowl ends, fans have to wait half a year before the next season. Thanks to basketball and baseball, many people will still be busy.

Image courtesy of Steve Jacobson

Irrespective of your secondary interests, once the season of your primary sport comes to an end, Chase Young’s face perfectly depicts the disappointment you feel. If you’re an exceptionally dedicated fan, you will probably fill the time watching replays of previous games.