Funny Football Memes To Keep Us Entertained Between Matches

By Aakash M

The world of sports is a pretty high-pressure business. The players feel pressured to give it their all, and coaches do their part to ensure everyone plays to their strengths. With so much at stake — both personally and professionally — it’s only natural that the hype doesn’t just stay in the locker rooms. Between the roaring crowds, the overall hype, the rivalries, and the extreme emotions, fans feel just as invested as their favorite players.

Of course, with that support comes an appreciation of the players’ quirks…and accidentally comical candid faces. Suddenly, those funny mid-game reactions are charming, rather than embarrassing. To show support for some of our favorite sports stars, we’ve turned their goofy action shots into equally hilarious memes.

Are they flying?

The person who seems to be flying is French footballer Anthony Martial. We must say that it’s an extraordinarily high jump for a header. Anthony has such amazing jumping skills and leg strength that it almost seems like he’s zooming around the field.

Image Credits: Cosmin Iftode / Shutterstock

We don’t know for sure, but there could have been an enormous collision here, and also, Anthony’s football spikes seem to be very near to the other player’s knee. However, we noticed one very odd thing here. Why does the crowd look so disinterested?

Say cheese!

How many of you football fans remember this fall? We can’t blame only one player since we have often noticed many players falling and giving similar expressions. We can’t seem to understand whether there is pain behind these dramatics or not.

Image Credits: A. Ricardo / Shutterstock

If yes, then how much pain? We think we should give it to the players since they work really hard on the field. But this meme is pretty appropriate since it looks like the guy is trying to provide the cameras with some prime drama.


If this one is below the belt, sorry to all the fans of the Portugal football team. But, we have actually noticed things happening just like they are mentioned in the meme. It’s pretty hilarious and also frustrating for the fans.

Image Credits: Anton_Ivanov, Marco Iacobucci Epp and Vitalii Vitleo / Shutterstock

This meme does ring true, though. It is almost like the best weapon in the German football team’s arsenal is their attack, whereas the same for Italy is their defense. However, the best weapon in Portugal’s arsenal is Cristiano Ronaldo.

More like Shaolin Soccer?

This photo was snapped at a very epic moment. The goalkeeper seems to be delivering some sort of a flying kick, while the attacking player from the opposition is somehow trying to save himself since he is running into him.

Image Credits: mooinblack / Shutterstock

This meme indeed reminds us of the movie Shaolin Soccer. If you haven’t seen it, you can still imagine from its name that it’s pretty close to what we are all seeing in this image. This image is a great meme, even without a caption.

Messi’s different

Many footballers can actually quote this meme by saying, “I don’t always score, but when I do, it’s awesome” or anything like that. But, there are a few players who cannot quote this meme because it just wouldn’t be honest of them.

Image Credits: Ververidis Vasilis / Shutterstock

Lionel Messi is definitely one of those few. It is because there is never a game where he doesn’t score. He scores all the time, so this meme template isn’t for him. However, Messi indeed has some of the best expressions to give.


Here is an image of Gareth Bale looking at the crowd, or perhaps, looking at somebody in the crowd. From the looks of his face, it seems like he’s looking at a pretty woman. However, that look of his is priceless!

Image Credits: bestino / Shutterstock

Apart from his look being priceless, it’s also meme material. That’s how many of us would look if something like that actually happened in our lives. But, it’s different for Gareth Bale since he has a massive fan following, unlike many of us.

Lionel Messi or Liam Neeson?

If you have watched the movie Taken, you must also remember Liam Neeson’s famous “I will find you, and I will kill you” line. That dialogue went viral, and even if you haven’t watched the movie, you would still know it from memes.

Image Credits: Christian Bertrand / Shutterstock

This meme is the football version of that scene, and Messi actually does it that way. He is a record-breaker, and he has broken so many records that this suits him perfectly. Peculiarly, in this image, doesn’t Messi look like Liam Neeson with a beard?

It’s all about the perception

Football photographers are notoriously good. They take the best and most hilarious pictures, and they also capture moments like these that are very rare and make us wonder so much about things like life and alternate universes. Did we lose you? Just look.

Image Credits: Christian Bertrand / Shutterstock

For those who don’t know the person whose body isn’t visible, he’s Dutch footballer Frenkie de Jong, who’s celebrating with his teammates in this image. It’s obviously the angle of photography playing with our minds, but that still makes for a hilarious meme!

Always think out of the box

If your team is leading by many goals, you will win the game if you maintain the lead. Even if the score is 1-0 (with your team on the lead), the same thing happens. The point is that a win is a win.

Image Credits: Christian Bertrand / Shutterstock

However, players like Lionel Messi don’t go by that since they do not stop at one goal. These players keep going, and it almost comes to the point where the opposing team starts feeling humiliated. One goal is too mainstream for Messi. Even two could be mainstream.

Seconds before disaster

We must appreciate the photographers who take such amazing photos of such moments. Capturing a mid-air shot with such precision indeed takes a lot of effort. But, we can certainly say that this picture was taken at a very crucial second.

Image Credits: Anatoli Redzin / Shutterstock

Because it looks like a huge collision is coming soon. It almost seems like the player in the back is more determined to hit the player than to hit the ball with his head. This one was really very funny!

Tough times

First of all, why does Messi look so zoned out in this pic? What actually happened at that moment? Nonetheless, it’s excellent meme material. That’s how many of you, and even us, stood while waiting for our parents to pick us up.

Image Credits: Andre MA / Shutterstock

However, the sad thing was that we had to stand this way for a long time, and the worst part was when everybody’s parents showed up, except ours. Although it felt lonely at that time, it’s a pretty funny memory now!

One on the manager

Although we have seen memes featuring soccer players so far, it is high time we saw a meme about the managers. The person in this image is Maurizio Sarri, who was the manager of Chelsea F.C. from 2018 to 2019.

Image Credits: Cosmin Iftode / Shutterstock

We have seen a lot of funny memes of him, from his smoking habits to other funny things about him. However, this one is pretty different and relatable, even for the non-football fans, since we can all vibe with this reaction! We have all made this face.

That hurts

Watching soccer is something that we have been doing for a very long time. But you know, it is a fantastic feeling to watch the women of our countries representing the countries or clubs at the huge level in football. Sadly, there are a lot of fouls and mishaps here as well.

Image Credits: Mikolaj Barbanell / Shutterstock

There might have been a huge clash that could have also resulted in an injury right after this image was taken. However, we are failing to understand why it happened in the first place since it looks like both players are on the outside line.


This meme is mostly for all the Messi fans. After seeing this meme, Ronaldo fans, Suarez fans, and Bale fans might get a little offended. But we love them too! It is impressive how much the teams are willing to pay for their players.

Image Credits: Anton_Ivanov and Ververidis Vasilis / Shutterstock

The prices that you are seeing for the players are actually accurate. Bale, Ronaldo, and Suarez are actually worth that much money to their teams. However, Messi is priceless since he is above all those costs. At least that’s what the meme says – don’t think we’re biased!

One-man army

There are two broad categories of staunch soccer fans. The first one loves Ronaldo and the second one loves Messi. In this cold war, some people love both of them, and then there are those who don’t like either. However, every football fan knows how these two play.

Image Credits: sportoakimirka / Shutterstock

Since we are talking about Ronaldo, we know very well that he’s the best at what he does, but he doesn’t pass too often. That fact has resulted in multiple goals and also multiple missed-out chances. So, this meme fits quite appropriately for Ronaldo.


This meme has our heart, mainly because of the accuracy! Had the background been edited, we would’ve actually believed that this image is of a flamenco dance performance! Nonetheless, it seems like a pretty intense moment in a soccer match.

Image Credits: Cosmin Iftode / Shutterstock

We have looked at so many memes, and we often wonder how these players give it all on the field. Almost every image feels like something taken right before a massive accident between two players. Yet, the players get away with it most of the time, and nobody is majorly injured.

I’ll be there for you

This meme fits so perfectly because it is something that even a non-football-watching person can easily relate to. Although best friends are always goofing around and making fun of each other, nobody wants to see their bestie looking down and dejected!

Image Credits: A. Ricardo / Shutterstock

Lionel Messi portrays this emotion really well. It could be a simple sign or even a post-goal celebration, but that’s precisely how everybody must be feeling when they see their right-hand person sad. Best friends are an absolute gift from above.

A leap of faith

Honestly, it looks like the player is being summoned. This meme spits facts because even somebody who didn’t watch that game can say that the player in the image might have played really well, just by looking at the photo.

Image Credits: A.Ricardo / Shutterstock

That’s because it shows the player putting all his efforts into that header. Also, he’s so high in the air! That’s a monster of a jump. If he had jumped any higher, the angels would have actually called him up and rewarded him for his efforts.

Vampire instincts

If you are an avid soccer fan and have seen Luis Suárez play, you know what this meme means. Obviously, he loves the game, and he’s such a great player, but why does he bite? He has been suspended multiple times for biting other players out of anger during games.

Image Credits: AGIF / Shutterstock

He was asked why he bites other players. Suárez said the adrenaline levels during a game are so high that his pulse starts racing, and the brain doesn’t keep up, thus the biting. He also said that it’s an impulsive act, and although it horrifies players, it’s harmless.

Best thing ever

We must say that Neymar Jr. looks so wholesome in this image. Although it’s a celebration, why not make a meme out of it? It’s pretty apt since that’s how he would feel if his mother had called him the most handsome soccer player. 

Image Credits: Alizada Studios / Shutterstock

According to his mother and many of his fans, he is actually the most handsome player! There’s nothing much to say here since that’s how we or anybody else would feel upon receiving such a compliment, be it from our mothers or anybody else.

Oh, shoot

Those might be the first two words that come out of many people’s mouths after they just realized that they forgot their leftovers at the restaurant. It is a massive disappointment because now you can only do one of two things. 

Image Credits: Iurii Osadchi / Shutterstock

You can either go back to the restaurant and get the leftovers, which seems to be a tedious task, or you can do nothing about it. This meme gives quite an accurate depiction of how people feel during such moments.

The fight is on!

It is often a very heated situation when you are sitting with your sibling eating pizza. Suddenly, there’s only one slice left. What would you do? Will you fight for justice, or will you surrender your pizza slice to your sibling?

Image Credits: Jose Breton- Pics Action / Shutterstock

This meme is what it looks like. Consider the ball the last pizza slice, and consider the two players as siblings who are fighting for it. Some take the intelligent route by deciding not to fight. Instead, they divide the slice into two. Can’t do that in soccer!

Try not to fall down

You have a smooth game going on where you’re successfully dribbling the ball and also scoring goals. All of a sudden, you feel this looseness in your feet. You look down, and you see that your laces are undone. Isn’t that so annoying?

Image Credits: Jose Breton- Pics Action / Shutterstock

It is annoying even when you’re not playing soccer. When you’re in the gym, or even when you have gone out for a jog. Finding that your lace is undone is frustrating because you now need to stop and tie your lace, which kind of kills the momentum.

Jinxing it

Almost every soccer player must have this sort of a moment at some point in their career. Impressing your coach and making sure that you’re on their good side is very crucial. But, not everybody can do that 100% of the time.

Image Credits: Review News and Celso Pupo / Shutterstock

In one image, the goalkeeper has leaped to catch the ball and throw it back, and in the second one, he is lying down, and it seems like he couldn’t save the goal. When the coach isn’t looking, you’re saving goals left and right. When he looks, you’re missing them left and right!

Found it!

Before we even begin, we must say that Gareth Bale looks mighty while celebrating after scoring a goal. However, every footballer celebrates the same way upon finding the missing shin guard. There is nothing wrong with being a little clumsy and misplacing things.

Image Credits: viewimage / Shutterstock

The shin guard is often one of those things in the kit that are always misplaced by players. One shouldn’t play without them, since there’s a lot of kicking involved which could badly damage your shin. Since you’ve found it, there’s no need to worry!

The wait is over!

Boys can relate to this meme because they have surely had a soccer night with their buddies. Shutting off everything and watching the game with all the boys while enjoying pizza! Come on, we all have been there, and it’s the best.

Image Credits: Cristiano Barni / Shutterstock

This meme precisely depicts the level of excitement when the delivery guy arrives because it shows how complete it feels when there’s food, good company, and a fantastic game going on. Now that’s called satisfaction. What else would one even need?


Keeping a straight face with your best friend is challenging, and it’s all the more difficult when you’re sharing a secret with them. There has been a moment in almost everybody’s life when they are asked to keep something private, but the next moment, they blurt it out to their best friend.

Image Credits: D. Ribeiro / Shutterstock

Almost everybody, including us, has done that! It’s needed because who can stay silent without spilling your heart out to your best friend? This image of Ronaldo making a strategy shows how difficult it is to be inconspicuous while giving your best friend some gossip.

Game over

Here’s Mesut Ozil, who has a pretty intense look going on. The look is as intense as the expression everybody has when their mom calls them by their full names. It either means that they are in trouble or… they are in trouble.

Image Credits: daykung / Shutterstock

If we only look at the meme, it feels as if something similar happened with Ozil. He was running, tackling, passing, dribbling the ball through the opposition, and running towards the goal post, preparing for a shoot. Suddenly, his mom called him by his full name, and he stopped.

Self-help is the best help

Zlatan Ibrahimović is one of the best soccer players in the world. Since he’s among the best, it is evident that he must be making an awful lot of money. It would also mean that he would be donating an awful lot of money. Nope, that’s not the case.

Image Credits: Fabrizio Andrea Bertani / Shutterstock

Zlatan does make a lot of money, but when it comes to the part where you donate some of it, it is not the same. In fact, that part isn’t there since he presents it to himself — massive respect.

It’s our time!

Perhaps one of the best school moments was when you all planned to have a sleepover. Everything is set except one thing: The person who’s hosting the sleepover needs to ask their parents. It’s like a moment of truth. Everybody’s waiting for that one person’s reply. 

Image Credits: feelphoto / Shutterstock

Whenever the parents said no, it sucked, and it killed the whole party mood, but when they said yes, it was heavenly! Parents, here’s a tip. If you want to see your children go from normal to extremely happy, allow them to have a sleepover with their buddies.

Soccer and football

This story is accurate, and many American households can relate to it. Soccer and American football are different. It’s so simple! Why do people fail to understand that? It’s so different that you can understand the main difference even by looking at this meme!

Image Credits: Sergey Nivens and Iurii Kachkovskyi / Shutterstock

We love this play on the fact that the two sports share the same name. We are totally on board with the disappointment here. They are looking for authentic football, and not to play handegg (i.e. American football). Get it? Because it kinda looks like an egg?

An intellectual doubt

Some memes go too far, but they’re still amusing, just like this one. We wonder how a coach would react if a football player asked this question to a coach. And right in the middle of an intense match! This player is Robert Lewandowski.

Image Credits: Mikolaj Barbanell / Shutterstock

That can only be a joke since we don’t think that somebody would be so out of their zone to ask questions like these. However, recreating this meme as a funny scene in any movie would be great since that’d be a pretty great joke!


There are two ways to see this meme, and gladly, we saw it from both angles. From one angle, it seems like the defender is running away and leaving the field since Messi is coming. From another angle, it looks like he’s about to go on the attack and save his team from Messi.

Image Credits: Mikolaj Barbanell / Shutterstock

It is still very relatable no matter what angle you view this meme from. We believe that’s how many defenders must feel when Messi is coming. They might be stuck between either leaving the field or taking the bull by the horns.

That feeling

Games like soccer indeed bring out the kid that’s hidden inside all of us. Like this meme, you will find such inviting people when you play. If you’re a kid, you might find an older kid who will introduce you to the sport by asking you to play with them.

Image Credits: Maxisport / Shutterstock

If you’re a bit older and you’re watching children play soccer from afar and feeling nostalgic, there might be some sweet children who’ll ask you to join them. Even we have been there! It feels so good and refreshing. Their expression is similar to that of Messi’s.

Those days

Looking at all these soccer memes has indeed been a sweet trip to the good old days. Do you remember those days when classmates used to run away with each other’s things and then ended up chasing each other to get their stuff back?

Image Credits: MDI / Shutterstock

This image is exactly that. Except these men are grown soccer players, and the ball is fair game to all. But the photographer once again captured a perfect moment, and it makes this image a highly relatable meme. Notice how they are running!


After looking at all the memes of players and managers, this one is for the refs. Referees do a splendid job on the field, and we want them to know that their work is never overlooked. However, a meme sits perfectly in this situation.

Image Credits: Vlad1988 / Shutterstock

Who doesn’t love playing Simon Says? Well, this meme is two steps ahead since it is directly aiming at the UEFA referee selectees. In their defense, you never know what the actual selection process might be! Even if it’s not that, it looks like some kind of referee training is underway.


This meme is absolutely hilarious, and the penalty shootout makes it all the funnier. We can’t actually imagine if somebody actually did that. That’d be a whole world of pain. Jokes apart, soccer players actually do kick balls, but those are supposed to.

Image Credits: Koonsiri Boonnak / Shutterstock

Just from the looks of this, we can say that this one hits right where it hurts. If a player wants to tell somebody about his job jokingly, that’s exactly what he’d say. It would indeed make an excellent pun!

Another relatable situation

The fact that you can relate to the meme is what makes it so much more fun. Even understanding the meme becomes pretty tricky if you can’t relate to it. This meme is something that every child can relate to.

Image Credits: Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock

We have all had such friends who overreact in front of their mothers. When these people get hurt while playing soccer, and that injury was somehow caused by us, they sell that injury to the point where we receive a harsh scolding from our moms. What a mood spoiler!

Not a good day

When a player scores a goal or many goals, it’s excellent, and when the team wins, it’s the best feeling ever. However, there are some days when the team doesn’t win despite their scoring. It isn’t so great when something like that happens.

Image Credits: Marco Iacobucci Epp / Shutterstock

There are days when the team wins, but a player doesn’t score, making the person feel a bit hollow but happy for the team. The worst kinds of days are when there are no goals, and the team loses badly. That’s when you make an entry in your diary like this.

Don’t blame it on me!

Ronaldo is undoubtedly a footballing legend, but he has also been the center of many funny soccer memes. Well, he is not the only one since there are many other players right there with him who have been great meme material.

Image Credits: Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley / Shutterstock

The face that Ronaldo is making kind of screams guilty and sassy, but it also screams that it’s not his fault! He did make those memes happen, despite people telling him not to make it happen. That’s the thing with Ronaldo. He always makes things happen.