Tennis-Related Memes That Serve Nothing But Humor

By Iulia P

This article was originally published on sportfoy

Tennis is a unique sport as it requires the athlete to combine reflexes, agility, and attentiveness. And like most other professional sports, it can be lucrative, both for the players and avid fans. But we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here for the jokes! Even if you aren’t a fan of tennis, you probably know at least a little bit about the game. Admittedly, some of these memes are for tennis lovers, but there are plenty of good laughs for those with only a basic level of knowledge. After all, it would be selfish to keep good memes for a select crowd. Check out this list of forty tennis memes that make us laugh. Do you have a favorite?

Uhm, mom!

Being a parent is difficult. Keeping a (relatively) tidy house, making sure the kids are happy and healthy, running errands, going to work, and countless other endless tasks. It’s a lot to keep track of, so it’s understandable if they get a bit mixed up…

Photo credits: Eugene Onischenko / Shutterstock

There are backswings in tennis, but this guy took it a bit too far. He definitely looks ready to hit a very different kind of ball and run some bases. As we said, parents get busy and can get confused…like dropping their kid off at the wrong sport.

We have all been there

When we grow older, sleepovers don’t happen as frequently and don’t hold that same magic that they did when we were kids. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t like them. Even as an adult, sleepovers can be something to rejoice over.

Photo credits: FlashStudio / Shutterstock

As adults, we don’t need anyone’s approval (aside from a flatmate), which might be why they’re less special. But as kids, we needed mom’s go-ahead. How many of you felt like this when mom said yes to your sleepovers? We can definitely relate.

Tennis and life

There is one thing that tennis and life have in common: you always have to be ready for whatever comes your way. Bad day, a bad serve, bad traffic, a bad opponent — you just have to be prepared to face the challenges. Try not to get caught like this doggo, who is clearly unprepared to catch the ball.

Photo credits: Dmussman / Shutterstock

We could take a lesson from dogs when it comes to taking what is thrown at us. We are sure that he happily chased the ball after he missed it. Just because he didn’t get it on the first try doesn’t mean he won’t try again.

Women’s tennis

Have you ever watched women’s tennis? If you haven’t already, it is time for you to watch a match because, trust us, you will not regret it. The players are fierce, both on and off the court, and could put men’s tennis to shame.

Photo credits: Daria Ahafonova / Shutterstock

One thing women athletes have over their male counterparts is just how fabulous they look. Of course, the sport is about skill, but we can’t help but admire how they rock those cool outfits while giving it their all on the court.

Advice for tennis lovers

Never ever pause a tennis match! While you may be tempted to pause to take a closer look at your favorite athletes, how they won and how they lost, it comes with a price. It’s hard to unsee what the athletes look like in freeze-frames.

Photo credits: Celso Pupo / Shutterstock

If you’re not a fan of tennis, then this might actually be for you — you’ll certainly never get bored of the ridiculous expressions and poses. Pictures like the one above or even better will most definitely brighten your day.

Are you Djoking?

For those who do not know, the guy pictured below is one of the best, if not the best, male tennis players in the world. The Servian player held the title of number 1 tennis player by the Association of Tennis Professionals for 361 weeks!

Photo credits: Andrew Makedonski / Shutterstock

Now that we know he is the best, the meme makes so much sense. For a player like Novak Djokovic, not winning a set or a game would be nothing but a very bad djoke. No pun intended. Okay, pun intended!

The wall

We were just talking about the number one male tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, and how good he is. But it turns out that there is someone — something — that is a better player than he is.

Photo credits: Anastasia Sotchenko / Shutterstock

The name is simple: The Wall. Literally! We are talking about a wall. Have you ever tried to play tennis against a wall? The Wall has a crazy high winning streak. Even a top player like Djokovic would have a hard time beating it.

Lioness vs baby

This tennis meme is for players at any level; even if you’re a novice or a professional, you can probably relate to it. On the court, diving to hit the ball, we might feel powerful and unstoppable, but in reality…

Photo credit: AlohaHawaii and Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock

…we probably look like a toddler stumbling after a ball. Admittedly, we probably wouldn’t look as cute as the baby in the picture. We’d fall somewhere in between a powerful hit and an adorable baby. Where’s that silly dog when we need him?

Practice makes perfect

We all have been there — when you practice, it turns out amazingly, but when it comes time to perform, it’s a flop. Maybe it’s the pressure of showing off or facing a real opponent, but we can never match our game from practice.

Photo credits: AlohaHawaii and Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock

Since we don’t know the exact reason, we could just blame it on…astrology? That seems like a good excuse. We do know that practice makes perfect, so if you fumble, use that to motivate yourself to practice more and more until it is perfect.

10 – The hidden gem

For a good laugh while watching a tennis match, try to stop looking at that green ball that goes from left to side for hours and focus on the faces the players make when they hit it. The faces and the sounds are hilarious.

Photo credits: Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock

It is fair to say that avid fans usually ignore these small details because they’re more focused on the game than the expressions. The same goes for the players. But this is a great way to entertain yourself if you’re stuck watching a match.

It’s the little things

Football players are known for their celebrations after winning, but they’re not the only athletes who get giddy when they win. Tennis players, too, can be seen showing off after a successful serve. Though the guy in this picture looks a bit more scary than happy…

Photo credits: Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock

That level of excitement is probably something we haven’t felt since we were kids on the playground. Nature was our playground, and sticks were our toys — swords, batons, canes, you name it. So finding the largest stick was certainly cause for celebration.

Chose your opponents well

With any sport, it’s important to choose your opponents well. If it’s for practice, you might be looking for someone to challenge you to up your game or on par with you to test your stamina. The Wall might not have lost yet, but sometimes you need a human to play with.

Photo credits: Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock

That’s why it can be beyond frustrating if someone turns you down when you challenge them. Maria Sharapova’s, pictured above, expression is something we can relate to. Is turning us down an insult to our skills? Certainly not! They will regret ever saying no!

Uhm, you or me?

There is nothing as annoying as showing up in a place and seeing someone you don’t know or like wearing the same clothes as you. It’s even worse when it’s the whole outfit! You spent so much time getting your look together and you can’t even show it off.

Photo credits: Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock

Serena William’s face is absolutely how we feel when that happens. How else should one react when their opponent walks in wearing the same outfit. You’re there to challenge their athletics skills, not fashion skills. We’d like to add a second caption to this: which one of us is going to change?

Inside a tennis man’s head

Professional athletes may always look confident, but even they aren’t immune to the occasional insecure thoughts. It happens to the best of us, and being out on the court in front of thousands of people probably doesn’t make it any easier.

Photo credits: Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock

Behind that self-assured stance, we can hear the nagging doubts. Did I use the right swing? Is my form okay? Maybe it’s his face that gave it away. Either way, this is one meme that we’re sure anyone can relate to.

At the edge of losing

Losing is never fun; just as any competitive athlete. But you know what they say: in order to win you have to learn how to lose. And one needs to lose a couple of times in order to get to what they want.

Photo credits: Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock

No matter how much we practice and prepare, there will be off days. And even with reassurance, it’s hard not to feel distraught when it’s a big loss. After all, there is a difference between losing a match and not even getting a single hit in.

Tennis is fun

If you’ve never tried it, tennis is a very fun sport. Even for novice players, it’s a game that will keep you on your toes. It gets your blood pumping and your serotonin flowing. Of course, there are some fans of the sport who prefer not to step onto the court…

Photo credits: Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock

For some tennis fans, there is nothing better than sitting back with some friends and watching your favorite player give it their all on the court. Chips, drinks, drama, and laughs. What’s not to love? Are you a player or a spectator? We won’t judge either way.

Tennis lover or love tennis

In tennis slang, the word “love” means draw, even, and/or the same score. No tennis player in the world is happy with love, and for those who don’t know the double meaning of the word, this is kind of scary.

Photo credits: Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock

This meme has us simultaneously laughing and facepalming. But in the end, it’s just a funny joke, especially when you take a moment to look at tennis players and their relationships. Did you know that Serena Williams married Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit?

That face

Alright, maybe certain players just aren’t meant for the freeze-frame. Or perhaps they are? This is undoubtedly one player with her game face on! When it comes to tennis, you have to be ready to give it your all and show that ball who’s boss.

Photo credits: Jimmie48 Photography / Shutterstock

Maria Sharapova is meant for memes, and we say that with love and adoration. Tennis is not a sport for slackers. And there is so much to pay attention to during a match; we can’t blame her for not focusing on her facial expressions.


We hope you like puns because we’re not done with them yet. Roger Federer was ranked as the number one male tennis player back in 2004, though his current ranking has dropped to 27. But that’s still impressive — tennis is a very competitive sport.

Photo credits: Fresnel / Shutterstock

Even though he no longer holds the number one ranking, Federer is still a formidable player. Of course, the joke would be better if it was Djokovic, but sadly his name doesn’t rhyme. Oh well. We still got a chuckle out of this one.

20 – The loud tennis courts

Tennis is a deceptively noisy sport. Sneakers squeaking at shortstops when spriting, the thwack of balls on the rackets and the court — it’s a unique cacophony of sounds. And, with memes like this, there’s also the sound of laughter…

Photo credits: Yuya Chiu and pdrocha / Shutterstock

Is this better or worse than the tennis relationships meme? It’s hard to tell. Judging by the bottom picture, Novak didn’t find it very funny. We admit that we giggled at this one. This certainly falls under the category of dad jokes.

Bad days

We all have bad days, and tennis players are no exception. It’s just something we have to live with and get through. Stay strong, expect the unexpected, and be prepared for whatever is coming your way. For some of us, joking is a good way to keep up our spirit.

Photo credits: Yuriy Golub / Shutterstock

What’s worse than having a bad day is having to compete and give it your all on the court. On a normal day, there’s no room for error; on a bad day, that margin of error seems even smaller. Don’t let a bad game or day get you down!

Dad joke

What’s this? More dad jokes? Sorry, but we’re not done with them just yet. Here is one to make you facepalm and laugh a little. What is something you serve but never ever eat? Come on; this one is easy because it is tennis-related.

Photo credits: Steven Hodel / Shutterstock

A tennis ball! Sure this does not apply if you are a doggo. There are doggos out there that eat everything, and tennis balls are one of the main specialties on their canine menu. The texture might be a bit chewy, but they still love it.

Djokovic is good at everything

Not only is he the best male tennis player worldwide, but it turns out that Djokovic has many other hidden talents. One of them, as you can see, is ballet. His arabesque perfectly matches the ballet dancer in the meme.

Photo credits: Sofia Zhuravetc and Asatur Yesayants / Shutterstock

If he wasn’t such a successful tennis player, we’d recommend Djokovic try out his skills as a ballerina. Looking at the meme, he certainly has the legs for it. And tennis requires agility and balance he’d need to perform. Is there anything he can’t do?

Williams gene

There is something about the Williams sisters that defies all logic. They put male tennis players to shame and nothing can stop them; they’ve changed the game both on and off the court. Even people who know nothing about the sport have heard of the Williams sisters.

Photo credits: pdrocha / Shutterstock

Do you need proof? Here, in the picture above, is Venus Williams looking as fresh as she can after a 2-hour long match. We’d be a sweaty puddle on the floor, but she looks ready to go again. We’d need a good night’s rest and a hot shower to get that look.

That annoying friend

Memes are made for sharing. While it may be good to chuckle at a joke, it’s even better when you show your bestie and have a laugh together. Since the internet is filled with memes, it’s crucial to only share the best of the best.

Photo credits: PabloBenii / Shutterstock

So what happens when your jokes fall flat? You get so excited to share and your friend just shuts you down with a “seen it.” If you’re on the receiving end, it can feel like an insult. If you’re the friend who’s always one step ahead, at least pretend that it’s new and laugh along.

I will survive…hey hey!

This might be a tennis player giving a perfect serve on the court, but we couldn’t help but imagine him in the middle of a choreographed dance number. It’s not just us, right? Maybe it’s in the raised arm or the back lean, but he has the right moves.

Photo credits: Olga Bogatyrenko / Shutterstock

The song choice is perfect. We could certainly imagine him as a dancer in a music video for “I Will Survive.” Or maybe a broadway star. Either way, we have to applaud the multi-tasking of playing tennis and dancing his heart out — just kidding on the last one.

Fly, bird, fly!

At first glance, this looks like an ordinary picture of a tennis player taken during a match. But if you erase the racket and picture the ball as a bird, then the image has an entirely different meaning. Do you see it?

Photo credits: NDAB Creativity / Shutterstock

Of course, tennis balls aren’t wild animals; they’re made in a factory. But with this meme, we could imagine the tennis player setting the ball free to fly away to join a flock in the sky. If that were true, we can’t imagine how excited dogs would be!

Being a tennis fan

At a tennis match, fans are surrounded by a good atmosphere and energetic performances from the players. Spectators need to match that vibe, and while that part is easy, there’s something a bit more challenging that fans need to have at a live match…

Photo credit: My Ocean Production / Shutterstock

A good, flexible neck! You heard that right. If you want to see every move of the players and the little green ball, you need a flexible neck that won’t cramp up. With so many head turns, it’s a wonder that more fans don’t have whiplash.

Tennis with a investment switch

This joke has a few layers, so bear with us. To get a laugh out of this one, you have to combine your knowledge of tennis, finances, and dogs. It may seem like a lot of work, but don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert in any of them.

Photo credits: Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock

Remember the dog from the beginning of the article? He was undoubtedly enjoying playing with the tennis ball. Even if it rolled away, we’re sure he brought it back. Unless your dog is stubborn, they probably have a high return rate when playing fetch.

30 – A kid’s view

One thing is for sure: kids see the world with better eyes. The innocence and purity of kids make the world seem like a better and funnier place. So the meme below is no lie; kids really do look at tennis rackets like this.

Photo credits: maxisport and Lukas Godja / Shutterstock

We know this for sure because we have been there. When we weren’t playing, tennis rackets made for the perfect guitar. No offense to tennis, but sometimes pretending to rock out was more fun than playing the game. Rock and roll is the way!

For those struggling with nightmares

One thing about tennis players is that they are always ready to serve. Although their best game is on the court, you can bet that they’ll be prepared no matter where they are. And, of course, no opponent is a match for a confident player…

Photo credits: Master1305 / Shutterstock

The monster under the bed better watch out. Although the tennis racket is meant for those bouncy green balls, it’ll probably hurt all the same. We doubt that this is how most tennis players go to bed, but it’s funny to imagine them with a tennis racket always at the ready.

Dogs and green balls

Some dogs love playing fetch and will happily trot back with the stick or ball, ready for another throw. But other dogs don’t understand that, to keep playing, they need to bring the ball back. If your dog isn’t good at sharing, then you’ve probably had a situation similar to this.

Photo credits: Martin Christopher Parker / Shutterstock

Playing tennis is probably impossible for pet owners with dogs who prefer to hoard their toys. Every time one of those green balls flies by, they have to catch it and bring it back to their growing stash. It would be annoying if it weren’t so cute.

Is it?

We love our tennis players, but sometimes we love their funny facial expressions more. There’s so much to focus on during a match; we understand that body language is not the top priority. So, forgive us for having a little fun with the silly freeze-frames.

Photo credits: Mai groves / Shutterstock

To the untrained eye, the top picture looks like an unbalanced player struggling to find their form. But looks are deceiving. For those who don’t know, that’s Yaroslava Shvedova; she represented Kazakhstan in the Summer Olympics in 2021. She is definitely the person to ask how to play tennis.

Don’t mess with her

Maria Sharapova is a star on the court…and on this meme list. Here she is doing what she does best: playing tennis and scaring her opponents. That look of determination and strong stance is something we don’t want to mess with.

Photo credits: Lev Radin / Shutterstock

She might not be competing anymore, but we have to remind you that she was ranked number one female tennis player in the world when she was still playing. She is a living legend, and her titles are strong proof of that.

Fly swatter

Mosquitos are a worldwide nuisance. They seem to serve no purpose other than to spread diseases and irritate everyone. And although they might not be as fast as some other insects, it can be tricky to swat them away when they’re buzzing in your face.

Want to feel like a tennis man but holding a tennis rocket is not really your thing? We might have a solution for you: mosquito slapper! Light, easy, and makes you feel like you win the game every time.

Photo credits: Lev radin / Shutterstock

Armed with a fly swatter, we definitely feel like Andy Murray when we line up the shot with a pesky mosquito. Although they are significantly smaller than a tennis ball, there’s no denying the fierce determination to get a solid hit.

Something we can all relate to

The face of a player cheering, shouting their frustrations, or celebrating a victory can have a whole different meaning taken out of context. Obviously, Serena is reacting to whatever just happened in the match, but that face is something we can all relate to…

Photo credits: Lev radin / Shutterstock

There are a few bad things that can happen to make us have that face, one of which is hitting our toe on something. Coffee tables are the enemies of toes everywhere. We don’t know why. What did our innocent feet ever do to those pieces of furniture?


We know that there are bigger problems in the world right now that need to be addressed, but we need an answer to this one right now! How does he keep his hair looking perfect even after hours of playing tennis?

Photo credits: Lev radin / Shutterstock

Roger Federer must be trading fashion tips with the Williams sisters because he’s on his game with looking good even after 2 hours of running up and down from left to right to hit a ball. Really now, we need to know what kind of shampoo he uses!

Done with it!

First of all: Hi, Venus! Looking stunning as usual! Second of all, the queen’s face speaks volumes because this face is something everyone can relate to, especially since 2020. Girl, we are Wimble-Done with it, too. We have had enough.

Photo credits: FRANCESCO PANUNZIO / Shutterstock

We feel you! When the world serves (get it?) one problem after another, it’s hard not to feel like this meme. Seriously, who has the time or energy to put up with everyone’s stuff day in and day out. Can we like get a break or something? Thank you!

Tennis slang strikes again

We’re keeping you on your toes with more dad jokes and tennis puns. For this meme, we need to give you a bit of background; if you aren’t well-versed in tennis terminology, a bagel means when a set ends with 6 points to 0.

Photo credits: Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock

Nick Kyrgios’s face is the perfect response to a joke like that. We’re torn between laughing and rolling our eyes, especially if this was coupled with the joke about serving but not eating tennis balls. Still, there’s nothing like a good dad joke.

Uhm, okay!

First of all, we all know that tennis and ping-pong are two different sports. That’s clear! But, at the risk of the wrath of tennis fans, we might guess that they’re cousins. There is no denying the relationship between the two.

Photo credits: Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock

Don’t believe us? Let’s look at the facts! They both use a paddle/racket to hit a ball; there are a limited number of bounces on the table/court; the players need to move back and forth; there are singles or doubles games…need we go on?