35 Funny Sports Memes That Deserve A Playoff Of Their Own

By Aileen D

Being a fan of sports is a spectrum ranging from indifferent to an absolute die-hard fan. We strictly fall on the latter end of that spectrum. Nothing compares to dive-catching a baseball that is thrown out of play or carrying the whole weight of Shaq, who decides to dive for the audience.

And let’s not forget the camaraderie! You could make more friends in one sitting at a baseball game than you could in your entire junior year. There is nothing like the bond forged among people who root for the same team. Heck, even a bit of friendly competition can form connections, too.

It’s time to give your abdominal muscles a workout with a series of sports memes that, if you’re anything like us, will make you laugh until it hurts.

His Face Says It All

Almost every athlete has dreamed of going professional at one point in their career. They might have wanted it for the fame, for the money, or the women. But not Joc Pederson. Oh, Joc was set on getting a waffle maker.

Image courtesy of cbssports

Had Christmas come early or what? You can tell by his face that he had achieved everything he had set his eyes on the moment he went professional. There’s really no topping this – a waffle maker with a domesticated trophy wife serving you burned bacon.

Surrounded by Giants

Have you ever seen a heavyset swimmer? Probably not. They kind of remind us of Attack on Titan characters. Not only are they expected to hurl themselves off the board, but they’re expected to dive into the pool with as little splash as possible.

Image courtesy of memedroid.com

In order to do that, they have to fold in on themselves to become a bubble as they hit the water. This breaks big bubbles as they rise to the surface. The funny thing is that, in reality, swimming with giants from anime would be pretty scary!

In Your Dreams

We know how exercising is good for the heart and the brain. We have heard of all the long-term benefits of sweating. But in spite of what we know, we can’t bring ourselves to get up out of bed early in the morning and do cardio.

Image courtesy of Josh Maley / Facebook

Profusely sweating from a nightmare helps increase heart rate. That, along with the commute to work and clenching our jaw muscles when we’re munching on a box of doughnuts, all count as exercise, right? If not, there’s always tomorrow to break bad habits.

The Level of Imagination

Whether you live in Florida or not, you’ve probably seen one of those “Florida Man” memes. Whoever that man is, he sure is getting in a lot of trouble and putting himself in the craziest situations of all. This is the latest installment in Florida Man’s journey.

Image courtesy of @evgeniya-davydova-35773675 / Pexels / @scrollablememes

Who would come up with such a crazy story? First of all, there’s no way for an innocent piece of food to hurt us. Maybe this Florida Man drank one too many before stopping by his local McDonald’s to order his dinner.

With Raised Quills

Funny how your brain keeps you up at night when it knows you have got to wake up early. There is one life hack we have learned so you can sleep as soon as you hit the sack. Tell yourself you’ll get up and work out at 6 am.

Image courtesy of upnorthcoffee/Facebook

You’ll doze off as soon as your head hits the pillow. And better yet, you won’t be woken up by any alarms. You’ll be seen with raised quills, sleeping peacefully. Just don’t try this yourself if you have got to report to work, as most people do.

Doesn’t Show

This man had just landed a job. In his old company, he was the best on the floor. So he felt like he didn’t have to sit through the orientation at his new job. He skipped the tutorial while his friend attended it. When they were asked to perform, his friend asked…

Image courtesy of bubbywoodz / Reddit

His friend stifles a laugh. Doesn’t show. He shoves both hands in his pockets and then walks back towards the seats. After two weeks, this noob decidedly finds himself another job. Says he feels like a misfit. We wonder why’s that.

Didn’t Sign Up For That

Soccer is a very demanding sport. You have this massive field you have to run on, not to mention you have got to have quick reflexes and superhuman strength to kick a ball into a net nearly half a kilometer away. And there are all sorts of violations, like touching the ball with your hands.

Image courtesy of ally_admin / cheezburger.com

You can expect soccer players to have been briefed on everything about the sport except this. Touching another player’s molecules is something they didn’t sign up for…especially if they find out that someone else’s molecules are larger than theirs. Call a movie studio because we found the most dramatic actor ever!


Just when everyone was on the edge of their seats, gripping their bets, this unlikely bad boi crashed the game mid-inning. You call yourselves fast? It sprints across the soccer field and nearly tackles a player. I’ve got a mouse to catch!

Image courtesy of memedroid.com

Best believe, this kitty was a showstopper. No one, including the referee, could do anything except wait for it to get off the field. If it attempted to, it would have scored a goal. But for whose team, we’ll never know.

When You’re New School

In this day and age, true wireless is the way to go. The only con about those sick buds is that if you lose one, you’re basically throwing away a hundred dollars. Many switch back to wired headphones, but then there’s this to deal with.

Image courtesy of Joypads for Goalposts / YouTube

It isn’t painful, being yanked toward the desk. It’s just the panicking afterward that’s annoying. Did I ruin this pair of headphones? You quickly open a tab, head to YouTube, then pick a song. You hope that sound comes out of both earbuds and then sigh when it does.

It’s A Rich Man’s Game

ABBA has said it. Golf is a rich man’s game. Imagine paying a caddy by the hour to drive you around a golf track when you can drive a stickshift. And imagine winning at a game playing the least amount of golf possible.

Image courtesy of ebaumsworld.com

Just try it. How many minutes did you spend swinging that club and landing that ball in the hole, and how many hours did you spend walking the golf course? We can’t understand why it was even considered a sport, but the rich have a way with things.

Get Your Own Lane

Besides golfers, we love to pick on cyclists. They are also a privileged bunch. They will prance around in tight cycling shorts, showing off their assets and two-dimensional glutes. And they have the courage to demand their own bike lanes.

Image courtesy of $Silly-Contribution21 / memegine.com

What’s worse than a cyclist? A vegan cyclist. We don’t know if this man is dumb or nuts. Telling everyone you’re a vegan is the surest way to get yourself to become a victim in a road rage accident with a middle-aged driver.

Who U Kiddin’

We have all got that one friend who comes up with these great ideas but never follows through on them. The years of disappointment that have made us immune to their openness to life. When that one friend proposes that you start working out…

Image courtesy of School Life vs College Life / Facebook

…you can’t help but judge her. Girl, who you kiddin’? We slowly bring one eyebrow to level the other and then mind our own business. As if that wasn’t obvious enough, our friend prods us to try it. “Oh, and did I tell you about the benefits…

Dead Man Walking

How can kids manage to run all over the house without so much as breaking a sweat? They can even do it while yelling nonstop. It’s one of life’s greatest challenges. We always wondered why adults couldn’t keep up – until we turned into one.

Image courtesy of memedroid / Warner Bros.

Now, we struggle to haul ourselves out of bed. And we can’t feel anything until that first drop of gold roast coffee hits our tongue. When we do manage to run, we end up taking a five-second brisk walk. Effort matters!

Balancing the Force

Twitter user @margerumevan made rounds on social media after sharing this Tweet. She was going to run around the oval when she saw this tree that appeared to have been freshly planted. It would have been nice if it weren’t placed smack in the middle of the baseball field.

Image courtesy of @MargerumEvan / @PatrickHunt11 / Twitter

But that wasn’t the only surprise. Patrick Hunt took to the Twitterverse to ask where his 15-foot missing tree had gone. Was this a mere coincidence, or was it the same tree? All we know is that someone wanted to balance out the force.

That’s the Only Way

Every person who has gone on a diet has done this. They promise to commit to six days of dieting and then one cheat day. Eventually, that one cheat day takes up the whole of the week. Out of guilt, the person makes up for it.

Image courtesy of shutterfly / Amazon Prime Video

The person unwraps the burger and is hit by the smell of grilled patties. He takes a minute to breathe it in, letting it wash away his guilt. He thinks, “I walked to McDonald’s. That’s healthy living right there! I deserve this McTreat!

Spidey Sense is Tingling

As much as we love Tom Holland, Spider-Man is not necessarily the best superhero out there. He doesn’t get he’s the butt of the joke sometimes. He can’t even rescue his love interest, and he can’t spot something right in front of him.

Image courtesy of ogeoqz / Reddit

All he knows is that his spidey senses are tingling. “I know it’s here, somewhere.” Spider-Man and his sidekick cover the grounds once again, “you take that side, I’ll take this.” And it takes them the whole afternoon to find a ball in obvious contrast against the green bush behind it.

How Do Y’all Do It?

If you asked our grade school teachers, they would tell you that they expected us to become successful engineers or doctors. But here we are, 20 and something years later, exerting every bit of willpower to get ourselves out of bed.

Image courtesy of @snaptubeapp / Facebook

Whereas everyone around be like…*penguins waddling in unison. How do they do it… that’s all we want to know. How? We have tried everything. From Monster energy drinks to caffeine, it’s like we’re developing tolerance and, at the same time, resistance to life.

System Malfunction

Have you ever walked out of a shop and felt like you were being watched? Or you might have been rinsing your hair and felt the need to open your eyes because it felt like a demon was in the room. Not to worry, we know the feeling all too well.

Image Courtesy of Grant Tanaka / Twitter

Grant Tanaka perfectly encapsulates it in his Tweet. It’s like your body wants to self-destruct. Your heart rate quickens, and your lungs struggle to keep pace. You look around and see nothing to worry about, yet there you are, having a panic attack.

Brain When Not on Auto-Pilot

For the most part, this guy would consider himself to have an above-average intellect. But he doesn’t know what gets into him when he is put in a tight spot. It’s like all brain functions cease to operate, and he shuts down.

Image courtesy of @BlissAthletics / Twitter

Take this instance a duck flew close to him. He tried running the other way, but that didn’t work. Seeing that bird (a third of his size) flying dangerously close made him forget that he was carrying a number of clubs he could have scared it with.

Talk About Timing

This young lad has always been a basketball fan. But ever since he moved to the UK, he has been persuaded by peers to watch a football game. One afternoon, he decides to. He turns on the TV and plops on the couch.

Image courtesy of Motion Array / YouTube / freepik.com

What in the world…” His mom looks at him wide-eyed, a mixture of shock and anger on her face. She hurriedly reaches for a pillow and then hurls it at him. “I did not raise you to become a player like that!

Always One In Every Game

There’s no end to the things that can entertain you at a sports game. There are hotshot players, kegs of beer, and women who are scantily clad. Oh, and did we mention that there are noobs who know nothing about the game?

Image courtesy of lol69lol240/memedroid

You can always spot them from a mile away. The crowd is going wild and they’re standing upright, looking at everyone wondering just what the heck is going on. If you haven’t seen one, then you’re probably that person.

Death-defying Jump

Nintendo almost rivaled Playstation’s console games. They revolutionized interactive gaming using motion-control technology. It was good news for people who wanted to lose weight and for those who wanted to practice their golf swing. Take a wrong hit, and your ball would end up here.

Image courtesy of memedroid / @uwo / Instagram

We don’t understand why golf courses had to look like this. Should it have added to the thrill, knowing that we couldn’t physically retrieve the ball from jagged cliffs? Make your best shot count, or else it will be Player 2 swinging that club.

Such Divas

You wouldn’t believe which teams will go head-to-head. With adrenaline on an all-time high, there are only 20 seconds for Europeans and Americans to score a goal. The Europeans lead by a small margin but are beaten by the Americans.

Image courtesy of imgflip.com

Let’s face it. Despite their rugged exterior, football players are really just divas. They howl in pain after being hit by an imaginary shoulder, and they call a medic to check for any fractures. Put ice on it. It should be fine in 15 minutes!

The Whole Lot

If there are a number of people who make friends and meet lovers at a soccer game, then you can bet there’s an equivalent number of marriages ending in divorce, too, because of it. Husbands keep forgetting their anniversaries just to watch people play ball.

Image courtesy of @hvgoenka / Twitter

So we would understand why this person would think that a whole lot of people inside the arena are trash. With screaming fans and drunk half-naked men, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by everything happening inside this tight space. If only we could put a lid on it.

I’m Here…He..He…Here

You know it’s time for an upgrade when your computer lags. You might be ridden with denial, but eventually, you will want to head to the PC specialist to place an order when the computer does this. It’s only a matter of time before it self-destructs.

Image courtesy of FNaW_Fact_Giver / Reddit

It will start to hang. In a state of panic, you move the mouse around, but that just makes things worse. You force a shutdown and leave the book report you’re writing unsaved. Let’s hope there’s still time for you to retrieve it once the system boots.

Self-Inflicted Harm

If you think about it, you’re actually stressing your body out when you exercise. You deprive certain tissues of oxygen, causing your heart to pump faster. Do it every day, and you’ll grow to love this routine of self-inflicted harm.

Image courtesy of MemeZilla.com

Logically, waking up to slam your forehead on the fridge technically also counts as exercise. There’s the initial shock that will cause your heart rate to spike. And then the cold sweat as you realize you might actually have broken your nose.

Say What

This picture went viral online. Many couldn’t help but take photos of this eager fan watching by the sidelines. Every time the batter missed the ball, she would cheer on the pitcher. We can bet she was going to spoil the pitcher rotten after the game.

Image courtesy of Geeks on Coffee / memedroid.com

She bends over to tell her other grandson just how well his big brother was doing at pitching. He would cover his ears whenever she would cheer him on. And you wouldn’t believe all the filth that came out of her mouth when she goaded the other team.

I am a Work In Progress

Just how long does it take you to prep for the gym? It takes this guy two hours to eat breakfast and then slink his way to the gym. There, he’ll head to the weights and then plop himself down. He waits for someone to take pics of him and then uploads them.

Image courtesy of weheartit.com

We can even imagine all the hashtags he probably uses in his captions. Then he looks at all the other people at the gym with a judgmental eye and then raises a brow. “Did she really just grow that behind without any work done on her? Doubt that.”

And the winner Is…

Comparisons can’t be helped. Twitter user @Mandac5 took to social media to ask everyone what is an extreme sport. Within a couple of minutes, he had a thousand replies. But the best one yet came from Nav. As it turns out, we did this often.

Image courtesy of @Mandac5 / @beatsbynav / Twitter

Suddenly, dodging pedestrians and all those manholes became a matter of life or death. Forget virtual reality. You needed a balance of gas and steering to get to the office in one piece without filing a claim with your insurance company.

Bogged Down With It

Forget chess. If you could hear the thoughts inside our heads, you would understand the daily battle we wage against ourselves. You can’t hit pause, and there aren’t any referees to call a code violation on all the mean stuff your brain calls you.

Image courtesy of memezilla

And you might call it winning, but even after you master your thought process, all you’re doing is bogging yourself down with those gold medals. This is a sport where you’re hounded by your life coach 24/7, and there aren’t any cheat days.

No Friends, No Hobbies

When you play a sport, you have to get used to the idea of losing. You can’t always win a match. You could train to get better at it and practice sportsmanship. But you might be tempted to do without sports if you can’t.

Image courtesy of @shutterfly / memedroid.com

Without any play, you won’t learn new hobbies, nor would you gain many friends. We might understand this man’s logic, but this is a bit too extreme for our taste. The whole point of playing sports is to get better at it!

Freak of Nature

It’s easy to dismiss professional players’ efforts when you see them lose on the big screen. We forget that they’re playing against the best players in the game and then talk smack about them while we can’t even get our butts off the couch.

Image courtesy of red book mag / Amy Kennedy / comedywildlifephoto.com

Aww, come on, man! I could have run faster than you, you slowpoke!” You eye the refrigerator, and you’re certain you could make it to the door in half a heartbeat. You bend to starting position, get set and go!

When His Ego Can’t Handle It

Despite equal pay and the progress femininity has ushered in the world, there’s one thing most men can’t accept – it’s seeing a woman who’s taller than them. They will do anything, from puffing their chest to standing on their toes, or in this case…

Image courtesy of Jon Soohoo / LA Dodgers / mlb.com

…they’d stand on a bucket just to look taller than a woman. After all, what really matters is how they appear on cam. Never mind the fact that there are other TV stations, photographers, and cameras that could broadcast your insecurities.

Time Moves Slowly For Them

We had always wondered where the idea that giving someone a turtle is a token of good luck. But after seeing this meme, we can see why. Someone compared the lifespan of garden rabbits and turtles, and found out that…

Image courtesy of @mikebirdy / @ludvighedenborg / Pexels

…rabbits are on a strict vegan diet, but they only manage to live for eight years. Turtles, on the other hand, aren’t. They eat worms, snails, fishes, and even insects, yet they manage to live for over a hundred years. So what are you waiting for? Skip the diet!

Talk About Aim

Unlike other sports, golf doesn’t require brute force. It does, however, require overthinking, walking, and taking precise aim – all of which are legitimate reasons to qualify as a sport. It also helps to be clad in thousand-dollar shoes and pay a caddy by the hour.

Image courtesy of Nina Matsumoto / space-coyote.tumblr.com

This is the only sport where if you don’t have the skills, you can always intimidate your opponent by crawling on the floor to gauge the trajectory of the ball. You should also wear form-fitting white pants to thwart off other male players from their game.