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45 Pictures Taken During A Roller Coaster Ride That Allow Us To Share In The Excitement (Or Terror)

Not many of us can say we didn’t enjoy an exhilarating roller coaster ride. Roller coaster rides are very exciting and fun for a lot of us. The feeling of going through the fast and swirly rides can turn one into an adrenaline junkie. And of course, pictures are a great way by which to relive these exciting times.

For most people, these pictures become fond souvenirs to brag about. For others, however, these photos might be a bit embarrassing. The ridiculous faces that some of these photos capture will make the owners want to shred them. Fortunately, though, the owners of the photos below decided to share them with us. Here are 45 hilarious photos taken during a roller-coaster ride that are sure to make you laugh!


This picture takes us back to the 90s. With the woman screaming looking similar to the iconic mask from the horror movie Scream, we wonder what was really going on in this picture. Was this intentional or not? We don’t know.

Source: Images courtesy of : lasirenita79 (Reddit)

Is this a scream of excitement or fear? Honestly, it’s probably a bit of both. This is one of those photos that the coaster operators would use as advertising material. After all, the scarier the better. We salute your courage, ma’am.

Reading Rapids

Most of us know and enjoy the feeling of reading an interesting book. Sometimes we can get so engrossed in the pages of the book we might not want to look away. The group of people in this photo took the feeling and made it a reality.

Source: Images courtesy of : ElNickCharles (Reddit)

Just look at how they are so glued to their books. Splash Mountain is notorious for its wet and wild rides; we hope that their books did not get wet. And although the photo might be staged, it does not make it any less fun to look at.

Cool grandma

While some old people might not want to go on roller coasters, others still choose to be daring. Take this cool grandma in the image below, for example. She did not just dare to ride the roller coaster. She rode it looking like a G.

Source: Images courtesy of : EvolutionIXMR (Reddit)

I’d bet that we all wished we looked as cool as her when on such a ride. It’s as if God saw what she was doing and made her shades and hoodie stay on. Hopefully she had fun, but even if not, the picture was absolutely worth it.

The Three Musketeers

When in the middle of any sort of roller-coaster ride, your “cool and collected” facade goes out the window. We bet this dad was cool as a cucumber before the ride started. Now look at him — screaming his face off with his wife. The son, however, is obviously the exception to the rule.

Source: Images courtesy of : Amber (Awkward Family Photos)

There’s no way we would be able to remain so calm in the same situation. There’s also no way the kid’s not going to save that photo to employ strategically for later. When he gets older, that’s going to come in handy for asserting dominance.

Horsing around

There is a lot going on in this picture that we want to discuss. The horse and the human couple kissing in the foreground (or should we say horsing around?), the boy and the girl in the middle, and the frightened couple in the background — this is an award-winning shot.

Source: Images courtesy of @GrayHood Graysoon (Tumblr)

Which couple should we laugh at first? We have no idea which reactions were staged and which were honest. In any case, though, it’s a pretty funny picture to take home. We’d love to have a copy for ourselves, too.

Beam me up

The unfortunate user who submitted this post was on this ride when he realized he had lost his phone. When he looked at the photos after the ride, he realized that everyone could see the exact moment his phone flew out of his hands!

Source: Images courtesy of @moonshine12 (Reddit)

Losing your cell phone is undoubtedly annoying, but this picture just makes us laugh. Hopefully the passenger found it again — you never know. At least he’ll always have the memory (and the photo) of when he lost it! What a great photo to show off at parties.

Uneasy rider 

Taking children on a roller coaster is an absolute no-no. This photo is proof why! Just look at how scared these two girls seem to be. The funny thing is that their dad seems to be having a fantastic time in the front!

Source: Images courtesy of @hgnsalley (Awkward Family Photos)

We’re guessing these kids needed a lot of cheering up after that ride, or maybe a visit to a therapist. Look at how scared the girl in the back seat is. The father must have gotten a good telling off. Or maybe they wanted to ride again!

Take the position

The mother in this picture knows what’s up — just look at the excitement on her face! Her daughter seems to be prepared for the worst. After that ride, the father probably needed a relaxing spa stay — or even better, a therapy session.

Source: Images courtesy of @rminton (Reddit)

This mom is clearly the thrill seeker in this family. We wonder if her daughter followed in her footsteps and wants to go again and again. And the father probably went along just to encourage his daughter and make his wife happy. What a man.

Opportunity calls

This is not what you think! These two brothers went down the luge together. The younger brother decided to use the opportunity to get back at his big brother after being teased. We’re not sure he picked the best time!

Source: Images courtesy of @Amanda (Awkward Family Photos)

We don’t support violence between family members, but we do support funny pictures. This is certainly one of them! Of course we know it’s staged, because everyone knows those cameras exist. But the timing; the pose! Everything is on point.

Anniversary anxiety

As far as anniversary photos go, we don’t recommend taking a photo on a roller coaster. It’s not the best option, folks. This couple did it anyway to celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary. Hopefully they didn’t share this photo with the family.

Source: Images courtesy of @Jetsetter (Reddit)

You know what they say: The couple that cries together, stays together. The user who posted this picture said it was his favorite picture of him and his wife together. We can imagine that she doesn’t see it that way.

Nightmare at Legoland

Legoland is not known for being scary. It’s supposed to be a fun and relaxing place to take your kids while you look at the amazing Lego buildings. But the picture below shows us that there are people (like us) who don’t enjoy this roller coaster nonsense.

Source: Images courtesy of @Carlycross (Awkward Family Photos)

It’s hard to say who had the most fun on this ride — or rather, if anyone had any fun at all. Parents should be warned: Don’t go on a ride with your child if you’re afraid of the ride yourself.

First timer

For many of us, the first ride on a roller coaster is the most terrifying. You don’t know how you’re going to feel! This man’s sixty-seven-year-old mother decided to take the plunge for the first time in forty years. We admire that!

Source: Images courtesy of @MarshmallowMark (Reddit)

Looking at her reaction, we suspect she probably regretted that decision immediately. Going on a roller coaster as a child is scary enough, but we can’t imagine doing it as a senior citizen. We hope she wasn’t too scared afterwards!

Demon drop

Looking at this picture, you might think it’s a photo from The Exorcist or some other paranormal horror movie. But no — it’s just a scared man on a roller coaster! He definitely regretted taking that ride, because we can’t imagine having your soul leave your body feels all that great.

Source: Images courtesy of @Mojotuff4 (Reddit)

This picture is proof why you should never go on roller coasters alone. If you’re with someone, at least you have someone who is just as scared as you are. Holding hands through the scary parts is so cute! This guy probably needed a hug after this ride.

Fake smile

Some think this photo at Splash Mountain is staged, but we’re pretty sure it’s real, judging by the expression on the girl’s face. However, we don’t know what she was thinking when she decided to grab her husband’s cheek flaps instead of the handlebars for support.

Source: Images courtesy of @Reddit_PI (Reddit)

It seems that the woman tried to hold on to something for fear of falling. The man probably wasn’t very happy about it! Take a look at his face as she grabs the corners of his mouth. Still, it’s a fun photo and a fun memory.

The Game never stops

There are also people who are very creative with their roller coaster images. Check out these four, who somehow managed to get a “TV screen” (or, you know, some cardboard) and a Nintendo Gamecube onto Splash Mountain! That was a real success.

Source: Images courtesy of @Jason (Awkward Family Photos

These guys deserve a lot of respect for being creative and brave enough to embark on this journey. Either that or they couldn’t tear themselves away from playing! We’re just wondering what other cool poses they’ll come up with in the future.

Thar she blows!

For some people, a roller coaster ride can be pretty nauseating…literally. We counted at least three people in this picture who were just about to show everyone what they had for lunch. We definitely don’t want to see the picture after that.

Source: Images courtesy of @Will (Awkward Family Photos)

The guy in the middle looks completely like he’s about to kill the guy in front of him, probably because the ride is so scary! The poor lady in the middle is about to be pelted with food chunks from all sides. We can only feel sorry for her.

Too cool for school

We’ve all had that phase as teenagers where we thought we were just too cool for everything. Well, this girl wanted that time in her life to be remembered! Just look at the way she rolls her eyes during the ride.

Source: Images courtesy of @BGally24 (Reddit)

As if that wasn’t enough, look at her brother’s face in the front! The difference in their reactions is funny, especially since the brother is the oldest. And Dad back there is too cool for school, too. We wish we could look this cool and composed on a roller coaster.

The smell o phone

There are many different emotions in this picture that make it so funny. The guys in the front row are having a great time, and the boy with the glasses looks confused. The guy in green can’t believe what he’s seeing.

Source: Images courtesy of @PassedMyPrime (Reddit)

The best part is the guy talking on the phone with his shoe. Who did he actually want to talk to? Or did he just want to appear funny in the photo? Either way, they didn’t pick up. Bonus: The girl in the background, who is equally confused.

Emotional roller coaster

This is another creative photo. The man in the middle asked his friends to help him propose to his girlfriend. They held all the signs on the roller coaster. She looks like she has no idea at all what is happening behind her!

Source: Images courtesy of @missscottfraser (Reddit)

She said yes to the proposal, and we can see why! We wish the happy couple all the best — and many more fun pictures! On a side note, check out the goofy look on her face. We wonder if this will be framed on the mantel?

Triple threat

Taking your child on a roller coaster ride is always a gamble. What’s even riskier than that? Taking three kids on the roller coaster at different times. None of these kids look like they had fun, especially not the middle one.

Source: Images courtesy of @vulgarly_dressed (Reddit)

This looks like the three phases of a roller coaster ride. First it’s mild fear. Then comes the absolute terror. In the last phase, you’re about to throw up. Dad looks like he enjoyed every second of this ride and would have loved to go a fourth time.

Age of terror

We have seen quite a few kids being dragged on roller coasters by their parents. The user who posted this picture said that his child was excited to go on this roller coaster until the first drop came. Look at that face!

Source: Images courtesy of @Rauglothgor (Reddit)

That fall seems to have aged him by about 40 years! He certainly learned his lesson from that ride. Dad deserves a lot of respect for managing to take this picture with his cell phone. We certainly wouldn’t have been able to accomplish such a thing!

Killer looks

And now for a much creepier photo! This father-daughter duo was on a roller coaster in Dollywood when this picture was taken. The little girl looks like a demon is possessing her, but the father is pretty relaxed considering what is transpiring next to him.

Source: Images courtesy of @Jennifer (Awkward Family Photos)

Luckily, the little girl was able to take the situation with humor, because she bought the photo at the end of the ride. We can imagine that this picture made a lot of people smile — at least it did for us!


This case has a pretty funny backstory. This couple had been dating for a while. The girlfriend said she was fine with roller coasters, so they went on one. Check out the result. Safe to say, she overestimated herself just a bit.

Source: Images courtesy of @madirishman03 (Reddit)

We’re pretty sure she changed her mind about roller coasters after that. That’s a lesson we learned the hard way: Don’t pretend you can do something scary when you really can’t! The shame will pass, but the memory will live on, probably on the boyfriend’s fridge.

Hair raiser for sure

The worst thing about riding Splash Mountain is that you can ruin your hair. If you’ve spent a lot of time doing your hair, this could be a disaster. Not so for this smart mom. Her hair didn’t fall victim!

Source: Images courtesy of @Cyndi (Awkward Family Photos)

This mother was one step ahead. Sticking a plastic bag on your head to protect your hair is a creative idea! Just make sure there are no holes in it. It looks like everyone else had a lot of fun!

Morning routine

Anyone who can pose on a roller coaster ride is insanely brave. Getting the whole family to do it is an absolute miracle! Just look at how clever these folks have been in staging their morning routine. We tip our hats to them!

Source: Images courtesy of @t**sforf**k (Reddit)

We are not sure which pose would have been the most difficult. Pretending to shave while riding easily could have turned into a disaster. Not poking your eyes out with mascara is also a challenge. Great respect to all involved.

One sweet ride

This picture is a pretty cute photo. The grandfather in the photo was diagnosed with COPD a few years ago. This is a disease that causes many breathing problems. Still, he was happy and excited to ride the roller coaster. How nice that he was able to enjoy it.

Source: Images courtesy of @majahelenelarsen (Reddit)

Just look at the joy on his face! He seems insanely excited about this ride, it’s just so cute. This picture is a nice reminder that it’s not all bad and gloomy on roller coasters. They really can be exciting!

Upchuck nightmare

Warning: this one is really gross. This is easily our worst fear of riding a roller coaster. Make sure you don’t eat a lot before riding a roller coaster. If that’s impossible for some reason, at least keep your mouth closed during the ride.

Source: Images courtesy of @Dave (Awkward Family Photos)

If we were the girl in the front, we would be . The disgusted. The reactions of the guys in the background perfectly sum up our feelings about this picture. It’s so gross, but kind of funny at the same time! You can’t help but also feel sorry for the guy.

Actually amazing

We have already seen the first rides of seniors, now we look at the first time this young girl decided to take on a roller coaster. We are not sure who was better, but the fact is that they are both super hilarious. Luckily the girl’s father was there to help her.

Source: Images courtesy of @hellmajor (Reddit)

It is unclear what the girl is more afraid of, the axe or the roller coaster itself. Fortunately, the axe seems to be a dummy, or maybe one that was added to the photo frame. No one was hurt on this horror roller coaster ride!

She seen things

Another collection of children! This time the girl in the foreground looks like she’s seen terrible things on this trip, judging by the expression on her face. The boy in the back looks like he doesn’t want to see anything! The boy in the middle is ready to jet.

Source: Images courtesy of @PugLover5533 (Reddit)

We love the expression of the couple in the third row. They don’t look very impressed! No one is wearing a seat belt, which means it must have been a smooth ride. What exactly did the kids see that was so terrible?

Feeling flushed

Everyone who has children should take a look at this picture. The first picture shows this user’s brother before he rides the roller coaster. The second picture apparently shows him during the roller coaster ride. His face reminds us a lot of a gremlin.

Source: Images courtesy of @parasiticp***y (Reddit)

Honestly, this would be a great meme format. It’s so versatile. “Before and after a test.” “Gym vs. math class.” The meme potential is endless! Looking at the effect on this kid’s face, we wouldn’t want to try this ride.

Playtime never stops

Another creative couple, this time playing Jenga instead of a video game. This game is hard enough to play on a stable, windless surface. How they were able to play it on this ride is a mystery to us! These guys must have steady hands.

Source: Images courtesy of @Foody98 (Reddit)

The guys in the background look as confused as we are! Rumor has it that they used glue to hold the pieces together. But we have no idea if that’s true. In any case, this was a pretty clever photo. Thumbs up, guys.

Totally not photoshopped

You might think that this is a photo trick, but we promise you that it is real. The user’s sister visited a theme park in North Carolina with her family. They had this photo taken while on the “children’s ride.”

Source: Images courtesy of @Pamela (Awkward Family Photos)

Looking at the face of the one child near the back, it seems way too scary for him! The adults seem to be having a lot of fun. We think it can’t be that bad. For the boy it was the first time; that’s why he is so scared.

Up in the highlands

That must have taken a lot of planning. The only thing missing from this group of Scots for the perfect picture were their bagpipes. But they probably weren’t allowed to take them on the ride. In any case, it’s a fun picture!

Source: Images courtesy of @malleeman (Reddit)

Luckily, there were no loose kilts hanging around in this picture. Otherwise we would have to tag it as NSFW! And it looks like they all had a great time. We would have, too, if we were on a ride like this.

Teens and roller coasters equal silliness

Some kids will look for any excuse to make a silly face or look cool, even if they’re on a roller coaster. This one is too funny not to laugh at! Let’s just hope these faces are intentional and not accidental.

Source: Images courtesy of @Cherie Caceres (Pinterest)

Every time we look at this picture, we find something even funnier. The hand movement of the boy in the front, the cheeks of the man in the back, the man with the cast on the ride, the thumbs up — this picture is just awesome.

Just keep pushing

No, it’s not Melissa McCarthy! This poor woman took a trip to Disneyland and had her picture taken on the rides. In every single picture she looks like she’s giving birth! Hopefully she didn’t push herself too hard and hurt herself.

Source: Images courtesy of @Xadr123 (Reddit

Closing your eyes is what many people do on a roller coaster. But we can’t recommend that as a solution. It doesn’t help against the feeling in your stomach and the G-forces in your face. Wishful thinking, good lady! Take a better look next time.

Lost chin action

This roller coaster looks like it was so strong that it removed the man’s chin! Either that or the G-forces were just a bit too strong when this picture was taken. Whatever the reason may have been, the result is this funny picture!

Source: Images courtesy of @Amebuu (Reddit)

The girl on the right has a priceless expression on her face. The user who posted this said it was their first time on this ride. We doubt they would ride this ride in the future! Maybe a kid’s ride.

She’s heard things

The expression on this girl’s face is very similar to that of the little girl we saw above. But it seems that this girl heard something just as terrible! Supposedly, it is a human instinct to cover our ears when we hear certain frequencies.

Source: Images courtesy of @Djblee (Reddit)

We doubt that this was effective, considering how loud roller coaster rides are. This girl’s father, sitting next to her, looks a bit too relaxed. Suspiciously relaxed, in our opinion. What on earth were they seeing and hearing on this ride?

She is not amused

This user refused to go to Splash Mountain with his wife. Boy, she was upset with him. And the result? This funny picture — just look at her face! If looks could kill, this woman’s husband would be a dead man for sure!

Source: Images courtesy of @Blackthorne519 (Imgur)

Hopefully she wasn’t too angry about it afterwards, but something about her facial expression tells us that this might be wishful thinking. It takes a lot of concentration to strike such a serious pose, and she was ready for the camera so he could see her annoyance.

The Skyrush haunting

This picture deserves a prize; here is an absolute classic. In this picture you can see the normal face of the boy. Compare it to the picture that shows him on the ride. The irony is in the message on his t-shirt.

Source: Images courtesy of @ombingofdresden (Reddit)

This reference image makes us think of Luke Skywalker — and the roller coaster photo of Darth Vader. The G-forces are very strong in this picture. It’s either that or demonic possession. This is a photo he probably won’t soon forget.

T pose

In case you didn’t know: The T-pose is the standard pose used when creating a video game for characters. We’re guessing that the boy already knew this, because he decided to try it out while riding. Maybe he is a future game developer.

Source: Images courtesy of @baconiswow (Reddit)

Or maybe this guy decided to live up to the writing on his T-shirt and just “chill.” We don’t advise anyone to follow this guy’s example. Remember to keep your hands and legs inside the vehicle at all times. We will be watching from the ground.

Armless ride

If you still think you don’t have to leave your legs and arms in the roller coaster, you should take a look at this picture — just kidding! It’s a staged photo, but a pretty funny one. Look at their expressions! These are the friends we want!

Source: Images courtesy of @drewlefever (Reddit)

Let’s hope everyone got the joke. Otherwise, they’re going to need some serious therapy for what they just saw on the ride. Bonus: You’re looking at the girl in the front row faking her excitement, and her depressed boyfriend next to her.

Statue still

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of life is? Just ask this man in the blue shirt — he seems to have discovered it on Splash Mountain. The best part is that he’s not even the funniest part of the picture!

Source: Images courtesy of @kyle-tisdel (Reddit)

Behind him is a girl making a very bizarre face. In front of him is a boy who is clinging for his life. The boy in the very front seems to fear for his life! A funny picture all around. Whether this was intentional, no one knows.

Lucky catch

The man in the front left of this picture dropped his keys on the roller coaster. Fortunately, the man behind him had really excellent reflexes and was able to catch them just in time. Maybe he should apply for the Olympics!

Source: Images courtesy of @Bitterbal95 (Reddit)

However, if you look at it from a different angle, it looks like they are releasing the keys back into the wild. The man in the upper right looks exactly how we feel. It’s a pretty amazing catch, one to be proud of.

Simpler times

Remember the 90s? No cell phones, no internet, and no seat belts either! The user who posted this picture is holding the little girl in the foreground. She was only a year old when she took this ride! Today, that would be unthinkable.

Source: Images courtesy of @wavy-moo (Awkward Family Photos)

Fortunately, the safety guidelines have been tightened up considerably since then. There’s no way a small child like this could go on this ride now. Especially not without seat belts. Still, you have to admire Dad’s quick thinking. He doesn’t look too happy.

Rock on

This picture pretty much sums up the two types of people who ride roller coasters. There are those who seek the thrill, like the man on the right, and those who dare not but are forced to ride, like the woman next to him. Which group do you belong to?

Source: Images courtesy of @arebare92 (Reddit)

We love the man’s “rock out” hand gesture, although we feel pretty sorry for the girl. She looks more like she was dragged into this and doesn’t seem to be having any fun! They probably have a lot of pictures like this.