40+ Cartoon Memes That Sports Fans Will Enjoy

By Aakash M

There is a particular aspect of sports which has changed a lot in the past few years. This is how fans consume, follow, and react to sports content. If you look at it, this decade has been the first with sports and social media intersecting each other. Because of that, we were blessed with a fresh and hilarious batch of memes and jokes. The best part about this change is that it adds another layer of entertainment for us sports fans. It is easy for a meme to go viral with all the trends, and it goes down the trending chart with the same speed. But, certain memes have always been relevant to see on all platforms. So, here are 45 awesome cartoon sports memes that will tickle your ribs!

Been there

This one will be the most relatable for those who aren’t hardcore fans of every single sport. It could be awkward for them, and they often feel left out when someone starts talking about football when they watch hockey obsessively.

Image Credits: imgflip.com

It can get pretty weird if all your friends are going on and on about the upcoming championship game and players you’ve never heard of. We suggest you jump in there and start asking questions. Who knows, you might find a new game to enjoy.

Secret potential

So many people would be able to relate to this one. Not only in sports but there are such people in almost all aspects of life. There have also been several movies about the underdog becoming the star of their team and being loved by all.

Image Credits: icsnaps / Shutterstock

You think at first that they don’t know a particular skill, but you later realize that they are incredibly talented. There was always one weak link in a team during school or college days. And, of course, it was a complete shock when that same person outperformed everybody else!

Super Bowl predictions

The Simpsons have accomplished a lot of things in its long run, including predicting multiple Super Bowl matches. In its 2005 episode “Bonfire of the Manatees,” the Denver Broncos took on the Seattle Seahawks.

Image Credits: Twitter/ NFL_Memes

The show also predicted a 19-14 score with the Broncos as the winning team. Technically, The Simpsons did predict that Super Bowl match-up a long while ago with this episode. How cool is that for a TV show!

The longing

All of us football fans have been there every single year. The end of the football season becomes quite an emotional period for the fans because there is no football on Sundays after the Super Bowl in February. Therefore, the meme.

Image Credits: Twitter/ NFL_Memes

Sundays will feel emptier after the last game. Those who watch other sports with the same feeling can relate to this sadness. Well, there is no other option left other than waiting till the following season. Tough luck, football fans.

Ronaldo vs. Messi

This one is probably the most significant debate among soccer fans. Honestly, we think that the amount of heat existing between Ronaldo and Messi fans is way more than any bad feelings that might exist between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi themselves!

Image Credits: ph.FAB / Shutterstock

Above is a Tom and Jerry comparison, which seems like a meme coming from a Barcelona and Messi-loving memer. If it were from a CR7 and Madrid fan, the meme would have picked a totally different cartoon rivalry for sure.

Fanboy/Fangirl moment

Watching your favorite player play is such a fascinating thing. We have been there when our famous legends were putting it all on the field. It was by far among the best moments in the sport – no, in our lives – for us.

Image Credits: DiscussingFilm / Twitter

We love seeing our faves not only on the field but even during a pre-match or post-match interview. Listening to your favorite player is the best thing. Therefore, this Patrick Star meme does justice to the whole situation. Who is your favorite pro?

Yet another prediction by The Simpsons

If you look at this meme, you will realize that The Simpsons predicted Buffalo Bills being in the playoffs in the 2020 season. But, there is a twist here. The Buffalo Bills were hosting a playoff game after 25 years.

Image Credits: Still from episode / FOX

Unfortunately, the Governor announced only a limited number of fans would be allowed in the stadium. Now, this situation sounds pretty similar to an episode from The Simpsons named “D’oh Canada.” The scene was of Homer in an almost empty Bills stadium, sitting far away from the nearest fan.


It would be pretty difficult for anybody to know how every sport known to humankind is played. We all know about the famous sports where we live, especially those we passionately follow. But, what about the other ones? There are hundreds!

Image Credits: imgflip.com

This meme is quite perfect for those situations. When you switch on the TV and start watching a sport that you don’t understand, it becomes difficult to keep track of what’s happening and what the object is. Sometimes, you have to squint your eyes and focus, just like Fry!

Quit chasing it!

Those who play or played sports (even video games) can relate to this meme. An intense match is underway, your team moves towards the goalpost, and the other team has the ball. An opponent kicks/throws it towards the outside, and your teammate has the final touch.

Image Credits: Walt Disney Animation Studios / YouTube

Although you don’t have time to react to that situation, doesn’t it kill the momentum shortly? If you have been there, you’ll know it very well. Your team would have got the throw, but the other team gets the throw because of the final touch. Anyways, you can always get back at it.

Leg day every day

If you have noticed this one, then great. If you haven’t, then you must! We aren’t stereotyping or judging all the soccer players, but generally putting it out there. Compared to other players, bodybuilders, and those who work out, those who play soccer have a great lower body.

Image Credits: Naiy / Tumblr

From their quads to their glutes, it’s all on point. But their upper body lags a bit. Their quads and calves are considerably huge, strong, and powerful, but their arms, pecs, delts, and lats are… not. Well, it is obviously because soccer requires more from a person’s legs, so no judgment.

A Kansas Chiefs meme

To all the Kansas Chiefs fans, congratulations on the 2020 Super Bowl win. It was a long time coming, long overdue, and we think that the Chiefs deserved it. This meme could be a bit outdated, but nonetheless, it’s hilarious.

Image Credits: uberhumor.com

It’s quite an accurate depiction of the Chiefs before their previous win, though. It is because the last time the Chiefs won was back in 1970, which was 50 years before their last win! That might as well be the Stone Age, amiright?

Time for football!

Well, we saw a different meme with a similar template earlier, but this one is also super relatable. The earlier one was about that sad, sad time when the season ends and you don’t know what to do anymore. But the year keeps going.

Image Credits: memegenerator.net

But, this one is about the time when fall has just started, and the new season is about to start! It is quite an exciting moment. Football fans can now say bye-bye to everybody else and sit in front of their TVs to enjoy the games.

That’s a lot to take in

This meme describes how a sports fan feels when searching up Britain vs. Ireland and expecting sports memes. But, what they get is a whole different thing. When you search for Britain vs. Ireland, the first thing that’ll pop up before the sports is the Irish War of Independence.

Image Credits: Reddit/ zacharyheidenreich

Well, we got some advice for those who want to see memes. Be specific. Instead of only searching for Britain vs. Ireland, search for a particular season, a particular match, or something of that sort, which will give you a particular result.

Wrong show

Any SpongeBob fans in the house? If there are, then great! The character you see in the image is Squidward Q. Tentacles for those who haven’t watched SpongeBob SquarePants. Although he is an octopus, the joke is that he is much closer to a squid.

Image Credits: medium.com

So, what do you call it when Squidward is playing? Squid Games! Not the Korean series on Netflix, though. If you don’t have Netflix, then this version of the Squid Games is also equally amazing to watch. We must say that this meme is hilarious.

A wholesome one

There was a variation of the same meme earlier, but this one is a more wholesome and unbiased version. This meme says that Real Madrid and Barcelona fans are always fighting, but they complete each other in a way. Aww, how cute.

Image Credits: Juan R. Velasco / Shutterstock and deviantart.com

Just like Tom and Jerry, who are always chasing each other, but deep down, they are best friends. Even if they can’t live with each other, they also can’t live without each other! Well, that’s a great way to say something so meaningful through a meme.

An appropriate depiction

We are sorry, Cowboys, and we feel you. But we can’t help but show how hilarious this meme is. It depicts the current situation of the Dallas Cowboys in quite an appropriate way. Have a look.

Image Credits; Marcia Snook / Pinterest

Well, it has been 26 long years since the Cowboys won the Super Bowl. To be precise, it’ll be 27 years in no time since the year is about to end. The Cowboys’ last win was against the Steelers with a 27-17 score in Super Bowl 30.

Another Cowboys meme

We have talked about the sorrow when you realize that there won’t be any games for a while, and we have also talked about how amazing it feels when it’s September, and it’s time to watch football. This one is related to that, but then you remember that you’re a Cowboys fan.

Image Credits: me.me

As mentioned earlier, it has almost been 27 years since the Cowboys won a Super Bowl, so, understandably, many passionate Cowboys fans might be low on hope, and they would be running out of it every time they don’t win. All we have to say is keep your head high!

Some fine wordplay

We love seeing these Winnie The Pooh memes where the words are twisted, and he levels up in sophistication. This one is equally amazing, and especially interesting got us because the twist is related to one of our favorite sports. Check it out!

Image Credits: imgflip.com

We must say that that’s relatively smooth, Winnie. Here’s a word, Super Bowl. You shift the ‘B’ 2 places to the left, that is, put the B after the R in “Super,” you get Superb Owl! We vote they change the name of the championship game.

What just happened?

If you were a part of any sports team in school, college, or even a club, you could well relate to this. When you are already tired with the sprints, practice match-ups, and other drills, your coach explains a new drill. We believe this is how most people felt upon hearing these dreaded words.

Image Credits: 9gag.com

This meme and the minion’s face say pretty much everything. We bet everybody felt even more tired after just hearing about a new drill from the coach! The exhaustion was most certainly next-level. But those were the good old days.

Referee problems

Soccer is indeed a pretty tough and physically challenging sport. The intensity is relatively high, and so is the heat in the atmosphere. Things do get rough many times in a game. On top of that, if the ref isn’t great, things only get worse. 

Image Credits: LosSimphsom / Facebook

The thing is that these things happen a lot in smaller levels or local club games. So, those who play football at that level must be familiar with this situation. And, when you get a good referee, it seems like a surprise, and you feel like Homer here.

The predictions never go wrong

The Simpsons has indeed predicted many things that have turned out to be accurate, including multiple Super Bowl matches. But, let us give you a spoiler here. This one isn’t technically a prediction. This one is an easter egg, which has occurred multiple times.

Image Credits: Entertainment Weekly

This is a scene from the episode “The Town.” In the original episode, the match was between Springfield and Boston. However, in the rerun, it looks like the producers edited it and changed it into the scoreboard of the Falcons vs. the Patriots.


It is difficult to stop talking about football. We’re finding it even harder to stop with the football memes because we have so many amazing Homer Simpson templates. Consider this one, for instance, where he is lying on the bed, all sad.

Image Credits: tenor.com

We can understand how almost all football fans must be feeling after a season. When there won’t be games on Sundays, all they can do is lie down on the bed and reminisce about the excellent football memories, and wait till the following season.

Homer again

Honestly, The Simpsons references are excellent, and they can be applied to numerous situations. This one is from the Super Bowl 48, where the Seattle Seahawks demolished the Denver Broncos. The meme describes the state of the average Broncos fan that day.

Image Credits: tiebreaker.com

There’s a slight twist here. This meme shows how a Broncos fan wears their merch and supports the team but disappears in the bushes in the second quarter. But, the same fan re-emerges from the bushes, but this time, sporting a Seahawks jersey

Injury prediction

Here is another close prediction by The Simpsons. This scene is from the episode “You Don’t Have to Live Like a Referee.” Homer fixes the 2014 FIFA World Cup final in favor of Brazil. However, their best player, El Divo, gets injured.

Image Credits: Simpsons Best Moments / YouTube

This scene, only the part that we mentioned, bears a striking resemblance to what happened in the FIFA World Cup 2014 quarter-final between Brazil and Colombia. One of their best players, Neymar, was injured! He sustained a serious injury: fractured vertebrae.

Common sense

This pun is a pretty old one, and we have also seen it in many other places. But whoever made this meme has a great sense of humor since the person combined an age-old joke with one of the best SpongeBob scenes!

Image Credits: theverge.com

And for those who are groaning and rolling their eyes, we remind you that puns are one of the oldest forms of humor (we guess) and this is one that we can all appreciate. Just let the scene play in your mind. It is hilarious! Admit it.

Tough coach

This is one relatable meme. If you have ever been a part of a team or even observed one closely, you can relate to this one. Tennis coaches are great. So are soccer coaches, but they’re a little tougher on their players.

Image Credits: comicsandmemes.com

And then we come to the basketball coaches, who are at an entirely whole new level of toughness. It is a thing, and everyone who has played or even watched a single game knows it. Also, Who doesn’t remember the “MuscleBob BuffPants” episode? Perfect meme.

Everybody loves football

We don’t have anything to say for those who don’t love football. We love it, and we know how amazing it is. Here is a meme to describe the impact that football has on people. You just can’t dislike it!

Image Credits: imgflip.com

This could be how everybody feels when they try to dislike football. Some people have built personalities around not liking football. Then they watch a game, they love it! Again, if you don’t like football, we don’t have anything to say.

When does the new season begin?

Have you watched the episode “Missing Identity” from SpongeBob? The episode was iconic, and so was the scene where SpongeBob is sitting at the table and contemplating. If you look at the image, you don’t even need to watch the episode.

Image Credits: imgflip.com

You’ll be able to relate to the look and the mood, because we all have been there, haven’t we? Well, hardcore football fans have indeed been there, especially when everybody’s talking about baseball. The football fans lie in wait for the NFL to commence.

That requires a lot of planning

Have you ever played fantasy sports? It’s pretty interesting and addicting. Those who have played one of these games know how easy it is to get obsessed, especially fantasy football. So, here we are to describe the situation with another meme from The Simpsons.

Image Credits: imgflip.com

We must say that Homer is such a mood. And this meme is actually true. Fantasy football players put so much time and effort into choosing the players ideally and constantly checking the game. We wonder how much effort they put into other things.

Who’s this?

Only real NFL fans can answer this question because only they’ll know. This meme is an actual test of your NFL knowledge. So, here is our question to you, in the form of a rib-tickling meme. You’re not a real fan if you can’t name this player!

Image Credits: Bikini_Btm_News / Twitter

We got you there, didn’t we? We can’t stop laughing at this meme, either. Squidward is one of the funniest things about SpongeBob. This episode is excellent, and we were cheering him on as if he were real! And it fits perfectly with any NFL joke you have up your sleeve.

Leaving in his prime

We all were pretty shocked when we heard about Andrew Luck retiring. He was great in the Indianapolis Colts, and overall, he was a pretty fantastic quarterback. Sadly, he had to retire at the young age of 29. It was devastating for some.

Image Credits: iloveimg.com

He was one of the very few players who were amazing, but they retired in their prime, which is why this SpongeBob meme hits us right in the feels. Maybe that’s what Luck would have said to his teammates while retiring.

Watching sports

Some people like sports, and some people don’t like sports. But, what we have missed is the third category. There are people who enjoy watching sports—not playing them, just watching them on the TV.

Image Credits: OfficialPDC / Twitter

This meme from The Simpsons fits appropriately because so does Homer in this scene. Well, watching sports is the second best thing after playing sports. That’s why all the stadiums are jam-packed during a match! People love watching sports.

Saved ourselves

To all the volleyball players, coaches, and fans, this one is for you. Players will be able to relate to this situation on a whole new level because it happens pretty often, and it always gives a feeling of relief to the players.

Image Credits: Rahulus / YouTube

We can’t deny the fact that Minions are the cutest, no matter what. However, the joy of relief you see in this meme is pretty similar to the one players have when the referee calls a no-touch despite a team player actually touching it.

More wordplay

Winnie sitting there is one thing, but Winnie sitting there wearing a tux is an upgrade. Just look at his elegance. We don’t know about you, but we can’t get enough of these memes. And unlike the last one, which was silly, this one is true.

Image Credits: knowyourmeme.com

You can actually call it education for the body. Why didn’t somebody come up with it earlier? Oh, wait, they did. Do any of us remember the dreaded PE class in school? That was physical education. But we like “education for the body” more.

The feeling of satisfaction

Winning does give us a feeling of satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment, which is quite powerful. Any kind of victory is worth the bragging rights one gets. Winning in sports also provides an adrenaline rush with all the other emotions.

Image Credits: imgflip.com

Here, we are talking about winning a bet in sports. That makes you feel good, too, because you realize that your knowledge and analysis skills are pretty much on point. It is especially satisfying if your teams are longtime rivals.

Below the belt?

We apologize to all the Maple Leafs fans for this meme, but we can’t help but include it in our list because it’s such a hilarious reference. We really hope that you remember the iconic hockey-themed episode of The Simpsons. 

Image Credits: Memeful.com

If you haven’t, give it a watch. We can’t forget this legendary goalkeeping setup. Considering the performance of the Maple Leafs, this meme is quite hilarious because that goalkeeper actually saved more goals than the team does! Okay, we’ll leave you alone now, eh?

A darker meme

If you are an ice hockey fan, you must have seen the Oilers versus the Coyotes game. If you did, then you must also have seen the moment where Connor McDavid from the Oilers jumps on the Coyotes bench. Classic.

Image Credits: thesportster.com

If you watch the video closely, McDavid jumped to escape a hit and landed quite smoothly on the Coyotes bench. But we can’t stop laughing at this meme because it says that he is the best player to be on that bench!

The disappointment

The disappointment on Homer’s face is pretty relatable. We all feel this way when our favorite team loses. But for this meme, let’s talk about the fans of the New England Patriots. They would have been feeling disappointed over their losses.

Image Credits: memegenerator.net

Since this meme talks about their loss last year against the Tennessee Titans, we hope everyone has recovered. Honestly, you can put any team in that place. No matter how loyal we are, we all have to admit our team has lost once or twice.

Get here soon!

We can’t seem to get enough of these SpongeBob references. It must have been such a significant part of so many people’s childhoods. And one thing is for sure, we all feel this way during those dark times when one sport’s season is over and we’re waiting for the next.

Image Credits: indianmemetemplates.com

That’s what we sports fans do. When it’s basketball season, it is time to watch basketball and embrace it. But, when it’s football time, it’s time to switch to football. We must say that SpongeBob describes our feelings quite perfectly.

Nothing else matters

Here’s another “football is back” meme. We are sorry, baseball fans, but this is what goes through the mind of a football fan when the start of the season is coming. Your sport is over, and you expect them to care.

Image Credits: NFL_Memes / Twitter

That’s all we can say. It’s football season, so nothing else matters! What matters is that we can sit in front of our TVs every Sunday and enjoy the game while watching our favorite team lock horns with their opponents!

Brady and Gronk

We know that Tom Brady is the GOAT (Greatest of all time), but we, and every other fan, must accept the fact that he’s 43 now. Ultimately, it means that he’s getting older, and the age is catching up to this legend.

Image Credits: NFL_Memes / Twitter

However, Brady’s favorite tight end, Rob Gronkowski, just came out of retirement and also joined him in the Buccaneers. Truth be told, both of them looked pretty slow in the opening game against the Saints. We didn’t want to say it, but there it is, in a meme.

Consistency matters

This meme is perhaps a bit niche, but haven’t they all been? Browns fans can honestly feel this in their souls. We must appreciate how consistent the team has been for so many years. Take a look at this one.

Image Credits: NFLMEMES_IG / Instagram

Honestly speaking, and no offense, but they have been the laughingstock of the league. The irony is that they are the butt of the jokes even after having the best offenses in the league. We guess that’s what makes them unique.

Bandwagon Patriots

The New England Patriots were led by Bill Belichick and Tom Brady back in the day. They dominated the league, and we must say that the fan base was huge at that time. Some of the fans were simply there because of how good the team was.

Image Credits: NFL_Memes / Twitter

However, after Brady’s move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, some Brady fans went with him and ditched the Patriots. But, this moment lasted only till they saw Cam leading the Patriots to a victory. Also, after the Buccaneers lost to the Saints, some Brady fans might have changed their mind.