Posh Pads: The Multiple Million Dollar Properties The Beckhams Call Home

By Makungu H January 23, 2024

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Some celebrity couples are so iconic that it’s sometimes difficult to think of them as individuals who exist beyond their coupling. For example, Will and Jada, Beyonce and Jay Z, or Brad Pitt and Angelina. One of these iconic pairings that undoubtedly owned the ’90s and early 2000s is David and Victoria Beckham.

Posh and Becks were #couplegoals before it was even a thing. They were both disgustingly gorgeous, had fantastic careers, and their daring outfits made them fashion icons.

However, if you thought that all they were good for was kicking a ball around or singing some tunes, then you would be sorely mistaken. They have turned their stardom into businesses that net them a healthy net worth. A good chunk of that net worth consists of their impressive real estate portfolio. Take a look at some of the places the Beckham family calls “home.”

Baby Posh

Before she became part of an international superstar pop group, Victoria was just a regular girl who did regular girl things like enter dog competitions. She was born Victoria Caroline Adams in Essex in the United Kingdom. Her family moved to a quaint village called Goffs Oak in Hertfordshire soon after.

Image Credit: diamond geezer (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)/Flickr

It was while growing up in Hertfordshire that Victoria watched a movie that would change her life: Fame (1980). The musical inspired Victoria to get involved with the performing arts. She started doing theatre, dance, and modeling, and in 1994, she landed a dream role as one of the Spice Girls.

Where It All Began

The group was formed after the girls attended a casting call organized by a management company. The girls beat out the other 400 hopefuls and finally took the top five spots. Emma Bunton was the only one of the group who joined later, replacing Michelle Stephenson.

Image Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

In 1996, just two years after they were formed, the Spice Girls released their debut album, Spice, which went on to sell over 20 million copies. Just like that, they became a global sensation and cemented themselves as pop culture icons.

Once Posh, Always Posh

While being catapulted into a life of stardom does have its perks, a lot of them being financial, Victoria was no stranger to money. Her parents owned an electronics business which was very successful and allowed Victoria and her two siblings to be raised in the lap of luxury.

Image Credit: victoriabeckham/Instagram

However, Victoria seemed to be slightly embarrassed about her family’s riches. In fact, she was so embarrassed about her father’s Rolls-Royce that she asked to be dropped off outside of her school so her friends wouldn’t see the flashy ride!

Rags to Riches

While Victoria’s childhood was full of all the finer things in life, David’s was decidedly less lavish. He grew up in a modest home in Leytonstone East London with his mother Sandra, his father Ted, and his two sisters Lynne and Joanne.

Image Credit: diamond geezer (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)/Flickr

The home David grew up in is a typical Victorian-style home and is valued at around $246,000. However, one of the owners of the home tried to sell it for closer to a million dollars, thinking that the house’s star-studded history would net him a profit. Can’t knock the guy for trying!

Raising Passions

Though David’s parents couldn’t give him a childhood of opulence, they gave him something that turned out to be much more valuable – a passion for the game of football. They were both avid football supporters, with their favorite club being Manchester United.

Image Credit: victoriabeckham/Instagram

David’s father spent some of his days off coaching the local youth football team. This is where David honed his natural abilities. By the time he was 17, David was playing for his parents’ favorite team (Manchester United), and would go on to lead it to the top of the Premier League six times!

Big Boy Purchases

Once he hit the big leagues, David moved out of his parents’ home and bought himself a nice little bachelor pad in Salford, Manchester, for $185,000. As lovely as the home was, at first, it might have seemed a bit strange that a 22-year-old would be living in a 4-bedroom home all on his own.

Image Credit: dailymail.co.uk

Well, the home wouldn’t be a bachelor pad for long because just one year after purchasing it, Victoria stole David’s heart. Shortly after, she also stole some of his cabinet space when she moved into his home and put her Posh Spice charm on it.

Spicy Roommates

Moving in together after dating for such a short period of time must have been quite the transition for the young couple. However, Victoria wasn’t unaccustomed to sharing her space with other people. Just a few years before, she’d lived with her bandmates.

Image Credit: Google Maps

Before the group was officially known as The Spice Girls, they were known as “Touch.” During that time, they lived together in a home on Boyn Hill Road in Maidenhead, United Kingdom. Living with your coworkers doesn’t sound like our idea of fun. It’s no surprise the group soon fell out.

Like Moths to a Flame

Posh and David first met during an event dedicated to David’s first love: football. Victoria went to watch a charity match in which Manchester United was playing. She happened to be in the players’ lounge, the pair caught each others’ eye, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Image Credit: davidbeckham/Instagram

Once that first spark was lit, it quickly blazed into a whirlwind romance. Just a year after they met, they were engaged. A year after that, they welcomed their first baby boy into the world. When you know, you know, right?

Family Man

For a while after having their first son, Brooklyn, the couple was content to stay in what was once David’s bachelor pad. Thanks to a documentary David participated in where he showed the house off, we can see what life might have been like in the Beckhams’ first family home.

Image Credit: Man Utd History/YouTube

Viewers of the documentary were treated to clips of the footballer’s walk-in closet that held a sizeable shoe collection. It was clear that he and Victoria shared a love of fashion. Despite the fancy amenities, however, it was the memories that the Beckhams cherish most.

International Livin’

While the Beckhams’ first family house will always hold a special place in their hearts, it was to be expected that the family would soon outgrow the home and start looking for something a little bit more befitting of their superstar status.

Image Credit: victoriabeckham/Instagram

So, they sold the bachelor pad and began building their extensive property portfolio. From Miami to the Cotswolds, the Beckhams have lived in some of the most luxurious places in the world. Let’s look at just a couple of these drool-worthy properties.

Moving On Up

Shortly after the birth of their first son, the Beckhams purchased a penthouse in Cheshire for $390,000. Life was good. They had just gotten married in an elaborate wedding ceremony (who can forget those matching purple wedding outfits?), and they were now starting their lives together in a beautiful home.

Image Credit: rightmove.co.uk

The building was incredibly beautiful. The outside was cladded in red brick, and the massive arched windows brought an old-world charm to the home. The exterior of the building was beautifully framed by a lush garden, making the building look quaint and welcoming.

Daring Decor

Inside, the house was just as gorgeous as it was on the outside. Victoria added her special flair to the home by installing a Harrods kitchen and decorating the living room in a zebra print. Well, one can’t say she’s afraid to take risks!

Image Credit: rightmove.co.uk

We would have loved to see the home in all its zebra-printed glory. Unfortunately for us, we’ll have to settle for this picture of what the home looked like after the Beckhams sold it for $738,000 only four years after they initially moved in.

Fit For Royalty

If you think the profit they netted on their previous property is impressive, you should hear about how much they made on the property the public amusingly dubbed “Beckingham Palace” because of the exorbitant amount of money the couple spent on renovations.

Image Credit: Celebrity Homes/Pinterest

The property sits on twenty-four acres…. twenty-four! That sounds like a lot of lawns to mow! It was previously a children’s home owned by the Hertfordshire county council, but the couple managed to snap it up for around $3.1 million in October of 1999.

Under Wraps

The Beckhams are not ones to shy away from the limelight. They’ve been in the game for decades, and their paparazzi pictures have become iconic pop culture references. However, while they aren’t fazed by fame, they prefer to keep their private lives, well…private.

Image Credit: FameFlynet

The couple allegedly spent almost $4 million on renovations for Beckingham Palace. However, while there have been rumors about all the weird and whacky decor one might find in the estate, there is no photographic evidence of what these renovations actually looked like. Heartbreaking for Nosey Nancys like us!

Gaudy Gardens

While we may not have photographic evidence of some of the renovations, we do know of some of the upgrades the Beckhams splurged on. For example, what’s a palace without a petting zoo, right? They had to use up that 24 acres somehow.

Image Credit: Mirrorpix

The expansive exterior of the estate also included a football pitch (as is expected), a play area that depicted ancient ruins, a woodland chapel, and a garden pavilion with marble floors. Well, they don’t call her Posh Spice for nothing.

Dodgy Decor

As if the outside of the estate wasn’t impressive enough, the Beckhams did not spare any expense in doing up the interior of the home. The seven-bedroom house had a recording studio, an indoor swimming pool, and a snooker room.

Image Credit: Daily Mirror

It is alleged that Victoria decorated each room with a “theme.” Some of these themes included a raunchy room with leopard print and mirrors on the ceiling. There has also been talk of an Audrey Hepburn-styled bathroom with monogrammed toilets.

A Barn…Of Sorts

While Beckingham Palace wasn’t lacking in outrageous amenities and pricey renovations, it was at their Cheshire barn that the Beckhams had some of their greatest additions: their sons. The Beckhams moved into a five-bedroomed barn while Victoria was pregnant with their second son, Romeo.

Image Credit: rightmove.co.uk

We use the word “barn” loosely. The property was once a barn, but it was transformed into a five-bedroomed estate. They purchased the home for around $1.5 million in 2002 and also threw a bit of money into renovating the home; a cool $246,000.

Something Old

A building that was once used to house all sorts of animals had been transformed into a sleek pad with sky-high ceilings and exposed brick walls. The estate, known as Hollinshead House, is seeped in history and is thought to have been constructed in 1720.

Image Credit: caandesign

The exterior was just as lovely as the interior. It was the perfect place for them to raise their two boys, as it had enough space for them to run around. However, when Victoria gave birth to her third son, Cruz, the family decided to sell the home for around $1.9 million and move elsewhere.

Not a Typical Vay Cay

When you’re a superstar footballer or a chart-topping pop star turned fashion designer, you might feel like you live under a constant mountain of stress. That’s really no way to live. Perhaps that’s why the Beckhams have so many holiday homes.

Image Credit: Knight Frank

For example, they have a stunning home in the South of France (because where else can the rich and famous unwind?) They purchased the property in 2003 for roughly $1.9 million. Think that’s a lot of money? Well, wait until you hear that they spent a further $6.2 million on renovations.

Haunt the Halls

While the home was filled to the brim with amenities, it was quite a controversial property to purchase. See, it was actually said to be haunted. One of the owners had met his end in the home. It seemed some people believed that his soul still haunted the home’s halls.

Image Credit: Knight Frank

The Beckhams obviously felt that the rumors of the home being haunted would be overshadowed by its beauty and the fact that it was previously owned by a football legend. Sadly, they persisted, and when the Beckhams eventually sold the home in 2016, it was at a $4.9 million loss.

From Another Time

It’s quite unfortunate that buyers couldn’t see past the rumors because the home really was magnificent. The stately property boasted all the usual things one might expect from a house of this caliber: three reception rooms, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and a drawing room.

Image Credit: Knight Frank

As can be expected from a 19th-century home, the mansion also had staff quarters, a chapel, and enchanting views of a meadow and woodlands. It admittedly sounds quite romantic, as if one were living in a real-life fairytale. We wonder if the home’s resident ghost ever breaks out in song like ghosts in Disney fairytales!

Villa, Anyone?

When the Beckhams aren’t frolicking in haunted French Chateaus, they might be found in the Middle East. If you’ve seen pictures of Dubai, then you might have seen aerial shots of the Palm Jumeriah. It was on this iconic piece of land that the Beckhams purchased a luxury villa.

Image Credit: victoriabeckham/Instagram

The gorgeous villa is everything a holiday home should be; arched passages that lead out into a sparkling azure pool and whitewashed walls that reflect the scorching Middle Eastern sun. The couple purchased the property in 2002 for around $1.6 million but later gifted it to Posh’s parents.

Vacation in the Sky

Though they gifted their villa, David and Victoria still made sure to have some connection to Dubai by purchasing an apartment in the Burj Khalifa the same year that they gifted the villa. The apartment actually cost more than the villa; $3 million more.

Image Credit: luxuryproperty.com

Perhaps it is the apartment’s location that justifies the steep price. The Burj Khalifa is famed as the tallest building in the world and is world-renowned for having some of the most beautiful and luxurious apartments the world has to offer.

Not Your Typical Building

Once again, we do not have pictures of the inside of this luxury property, but we can make some guesses about what it looks like based on other units in the Burj Khalifa. For example, apartments in this building typically have expansive windows that seem to beckon the city of Dubai into your living room.

Image Credit: burjkhalifa/Instagram

The building doesn’t only house apartments, however. It also has a viewing deck, a world-class restaurant, and a hotel designed by Giorgio Armani. The building also sits adjacent to the Dubai Mall. This way, Victoria and David can roll out of bed and head straight into a day full of shopping.

Spanish Inquisition

Yes, the Beckhams truly are global citizens. They have lived and vacationed in the most amazing places. When David was transferred to Real Madrid, the move to Spain must have felt like an exciting but daunting adventure for the family.

Image Credit: dailymail.co.uk

As expected, they purchased a home in Spain and threw hundreds of thousands into the renovations. Though short-lived, life in Spain wasn’t easy for the couple. It was here that they were plastered all over the tabloids because of infidelity rumors. Thankfully, the couple’s rock-solid marriage survived.

California Dreaming

In 2007, David left Real Madrid and signed with an American team named the LA Galaxy. Once again, the family packed up their entire lives and headed for the land of the dreamers: California. The weather must have been a welcome change from the perpetual gloom of the UK.

Image Credit: Zillow

The Beckhams purchased a six-bedroomed home in Beverly Hills for $18.2 million but later sold the home in 2017 for an eye-watering $33 million. Once they had sold it, they rented a home that can only be described as gargantuan.

Life in the Hills

The new home is nestled in high up in the Hills and takes advantage of the expansive views of Downtown LA. If one gets a bit bored of the views, infinity pool, and zen garden, there is always the option of going inside and watching a movie in the indoor cinema.

Image Credit: Mirror

The mansion was the perfect place for David and the kids to hang out during the holidays in 2018 while their mum was off in the UK building her fashion empire. The bill for the house? Oh, just $24 and a half thousand a month.

Welcome to Miami

Even though David and Victoria sold their home in Beverly Hills, they didn’t completely let go of their connection to the States. David became the co-owner of a Miami-based football team, Inter Miami, and, thus, needed to spend more time on the East Coast.

Image Credit: onethousandmuseum/Instagram

Because of this, the couple decided to buy a twenty-four million dollar penthouse. The penthouse is located in the sought-after One Thousand Museum building. The idea behind the apartments in the building is to make them feel as much like a seven-star hotel as possible. Fancy!

Ultimate Luxury

In simple terms, the penthouse is amazing. It is over ten thousand square feet and houses five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a beautiful Italian kitchen. What is perhaps the most amazing feature of the penthouse is its out-of-this-world views of the twinkling sea.

Image Credit: onethousandmuseum/Instagram

The building itself was designed by the iconic architect Zaha Hadid. It is packed with amenities, such as a wellness center and a helipad. It is the perfect place for David to stay while in town for business or while visiting his son, who has also found a reason to stay in the US.

No Bad Blood

It was while stateside that the eldest Beckham ultimately fell in love. While dancing the night away at Coachella, Brooklyn met actress Nicola Peltz. However, they only started dating years later after crossing paths once again at Leonardo DiCaprio’s Halloween party.

Image Credit: brooklynpeltzbeckham/Instagram

Since the couple married, it has been rumored that there is a bit of tension between Nicola and her new mother-in-law, Victoria. However, Victoria and Nicola have since shared numerous social media posts of them taking selfies or dancing on the beach during family holidays. It seems the rumors were baseless.

A Starter Home

With his new beautiful bride in tow, Brooklyn flew the nest and purchased his very first family home. However, this is not any ordinary starter home. It’s a ten-million-dollar mansion in Beverly Hills. Oh, to be filthy rich, and young!

Image Credit: Anthony Barcelo

And if you think his new bride is just happy to be treated to the lavish Beckham lifestyle, then think again. Nicola is not just an actress. She is also the daughter of the billionaire Nelson Peltz, making her and her family far richer than the Beckhams.

Family Man

Brooklyn’s new home is nothing short of amazing. It has the typical mansion amenities: an infinity pool, floor-to-ceiling windows, and chic modern decor. The home also has a stunning kitchen where Brooklyn (who dreams of a career in the culinary industry) can hone his skills.

Image Credit: Anthony Barcelo

Brooklyn’s dreams extend further than just his career. He has previously stated that he can’t wait for the day when he will have kids of his own. Like his father, he wants to be a young dad. Well, the Beverly Hills mansion certainly has space for a few kiddos.

Bye Bye Beckham

While Brooklyn found his “forever” in the States, the rest of the Beckham clan moved back to the United Kingdom in 2013, two years after Victoria gave birth to her fourth and final child, a gorgeous baby girl named Harper.

Image Credit: caandesigns.com

At the ripe age of 38, David hung up his soccer boots and retired from the sport he had been playing professionally for more than 20 years. His version of a “retirement home” was a townhouse in London worth more than $38 million.

Chef David

As is the trend with all of their other homes, we don’t know much about what the inside of the home looks like these days. However, the Beckhams have treated their fans to small glimpses of it via social media posts.

Image Credit: victoriabeckham/Instagram

For example, Victoria shared this picture of her husband making use of their stunning kitchen. Fitted with chic black cupboards, smooth marble countertops, and state-of-the-art appliances. The kitchen is almost as dazzling as David’s smile. Retirement never looked so good!

Oasis in the City

As if the inside of their home wasn’t gorgeous enough, the Beckhams also get to enjoy a lush garden in the heart of London. Their townhouse is in Hollands Park, which is located in the center of London. However, from this picture, you might think the Beckhams are in the countryside.

Image Credit: victoriabeckham/Instagram

The meticulously trimmed hedges, ancient trees, and lush green grass make this garden seem so cozy and romantic. One can assume that David and Victoria have spent more than a few evenings out in the garden with a nice glass of wine.

…And More Renovations

You won’t be surprised to hear that, though the Beckhams spent almost forty million dollars on their London townhouse, they still weren’t completely happy with the home. They, once again, spent a ridiculous amount of money renovating the house to suit their needs.

Image Credit: victoriabeckham/Instagram

Interior decorator to the stars Rose Uniacke, was tasked with turning this house into a home. It would seem that she did a fantastic job because the Beckhams have lived there since 2016. The townhouse now has a cinema, an air-conditioned garden, and a gym for Victoria’s insane workout routine.

Routine Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Victoria Beckham recently revealed her workout routine and diet and it’s nothing short of insane. Her routine is so fiercely regimented that it is hard to imagine how she has managed to maintain it for so long. However, her husband seems to have the same desire for order.

Image Credit: victoriabeckham/Instagram

David revealed that his nightly routine includes cleaning the candles and putting the lights on the “right” setting. His closet is also outrageously neat. There is not a sock out of place. He has said that he likes for everything to be in a line or pairs. These two were clearly made for each other.

London [Balcony] Is Falling Down

As perfectly planned as their lives seem to be, there are some things that just can’t be planned for. For example, the Beckhams must have been thrown for a loop when their home started to crumble in front of their eyes.

Image Credit: victoriabeckham/Instagram

One of the raised terraces at their London townhouse began to have some structural issues and almost collapsed. You’d think a quick call to an expert would clear that up, right? Wrong. The house is Grade II listed, which means they have to apply to the council to change anything. What a headache!

Nosy Neighbors

As if that was not bad enough, the London property has been giving the Beckhams issues since they first purchased it. The couple wanted to put their special touch on the home, so they applied to the council for permission.

Image Credit: Alan Stanton (CC BY-SA 2.0)/Flickr

However, a neighbor was not happy about the proposed plans. They claimed the plans would affect the character of the other properties on the street. So you mean to tell us that the other homes on the street don’t have air-conditioned gardens, massive cellars, and cinemas?

Once a Winner, Always a Winner

Eventually, despite the disgruntled neighbors, the Beckhams were granted permission to go ahead with the renovations as the council decided that what the Beckhams did in their own homes did not affect the other homes on the street. Um, duuh.

Image Credit: victoriabeckham/Instagram

Now, Victoria can enjoy her monochrome hallway and marble staircase like any self-respecting pop princess. In all honesty, the neighbors were no match for Victoria and David. Something tells us that Victoria is not one to accept “no” for an answer.

Controversies in the Cotswolds

This was not the first time that Victoria and David had faced backlash over the plans they had for their own home. On the contrary; the couple has faced many battles with neighbors who seem, at times, just a touch too vindictive.

Image Credit: Richard Simpson

This was the case when the couple purchased their home in the Cotswolds. As this home is also a Grade II listed property, the couple had to apply to make renovations on a barn on their land. This, for some bizarre reason, seemed to anger some locals.

The Status Quo

The Beckhams did not earn themselves any points with the neighbors when they submitted plans to build a long access road into their property. Why would this have angered the locals, you ask? According to reports, the main reason was optics.

Image Credit: harperbeckhamdaily2/Instagram

Other property owners believed that some of the plans would have been contrary to the classic English feel of the estate and the greater area. Eventually, the Beckhams caved to the pressure and removed that particular application. It just didn’t seem worth the fuss.

Treehouse Troubles

Another controversy came when the couple decided to build a treehouse for their baby girl. Seems innocent enough, right? As with the other properties, they again had to apply for planning permission and were met with a wave of backlash.

Image Credit: Instagram

Some locals alleged that the Beckhams had actually built the treehouse before planning permission had been granted. As such, they weren’t happy that the Beckhams seemed to be receiving preferential treatment. It sounds like these locals need to find a hobby.

A Quiet Existence

The Beckhams purchased the Cotswolds property in 2016 while renovations were underway at their London townhouse. The home went for around $7.4 million and seemed to be a welcome break for the family from the hustle and bustle of central London.

Image Credit: davidbeckham/Instagram

The Cotswolds couldn’t be more different from London. While London has skyscrapers, the Cotswolds have rolling hills. It seems like a wonderful place for the Beckham family to escape their busy lives and unwind. They even took on some new hobbies there.

In His Bee-Keeping Era

During the 2020 lockdown, there wasn’t much to do other than bake banana bread, pretend to attend Zoom meetings and binge-watch Tiger King. However, David, who spent that time in the Cotswolds with his family, took up quite a unique hobby.

Image Credit: davidbeckham/Instagram

The former footballer donned his bee keeper’s suit and started beekeeping. He built a frame for his beloved bees and nurtured them until they started to produce delicious honey. David even started to bottle his honey and gave it a name: DBee’z Sticky Stuff.


When he is not playing with his bees, David can be found attending the numerous events that have been held at the Cotswolds property. Brooklyn celebrated his 21st birthday at the home, and both Cruz and Harper were christened at the property.

Image Credit: victoriabeckham/Instagram

Perhaps one of the most meaningful ceremonies to be held at the property was David and Victoria’s vow renewal. In 2017, two decades after the pair first met, the recommitted themselves to each other in an uber intimate ceremony. Swoon!