Real Reasons Behind The Unique Names Of Racehorses

By Peter C

Racehorses have distinctive and often unusual names that make them stand out among the herd. Names like Odor in the Court, Panty Raid, and Secretariat have all become synonymous with the excitement of horse racing. But what’s up with these unusual names?

Source: @coldbeer-277046249/Pexels

The main reason for the peculiar names of racehorses is to avoid repetition in the naming convention. Most governing bodies for thoroughbred racing, such as the Jockey Club in the US and Canada, have strict guidelines for names.

Names must be no longer than 18 characters, cannot contain only numbers, cannot be the names of living persons without permission, and must avoid profanity.

Another important factor is that the name cannot be already registered in the database, which can last for years after the horse’s retirement or forever. Even slightly changing the spelling won’t work if a similar name already exists in the registry.

Source: @tomfisk/Pexels

To conform to these rules, owners must be creative and come up with unique names. They often fall into specific categories, such as referencing the horse’s lineage, being memorable, and sometimes even paying tribute to a person.

However, regulatory bodies can still reject some tricky names, such as the British Horse Racing Authority declining Harry Balzitch or Pee Ness.

In conclusion, horse names provide plenty of entertainment and discussion, regardless of their origin. From puns and pop culture references to paying tribute, the names of racehorses are as diverse as the horses themselves, making them an integral part of the sport’s history and tradition.