Bowling Ball Sports: A Creative Exploration

By Peter C

Sam Buchanan, a filmmaker, has taken an odd and humorous approach to picturing what various sports might be like if they were played with a bowling ball instead of their typical equipment. Among Buchanan’s experiments are golf, tennis, pool, field hockey, shooting, football (soccer), table tennis, cricket, darts, and archery.

Source: @persnicketyprints/Unsplash

In the golf experiment, players must use a club to strike a bowling ball into a hole in the ground. The result is a chaotic scene, with players attempting to maintain the ball in play while aiming for the hole. Tennis with a bowling ball becomes more entertaining, with players attempting to hit the ball without sending it flying.

Using a bowling ball in a game of pool adds an intriguing challenge as players attempt to sink the oversized ball into the designated pockets. This is obviously impossible unless pockets are made bigger to accommodate the bowling ball.

Field hockey players try to hit the ball with their sticks while avoiding tripping over the heavy ball. Shooting a bowling ball entails aiming a handgun at a massive bowling pin. Also, using a bowling ball in a football (soccer) game will require players to control and pass the heavy ball while also attempting to score a goal.

Source: @will0629/Unsplash

In table tennis, unless the usual tiny ball is swapped for a much larger and heavier one, it will be impossible to play the game with any level of precision. Cricket with a bowling ball becomes a slow-paced game as players struggle to run with the heavy ball.

Imagining sports with a bowling ball will generate many amusing and unique possibilities. It’s a fascinating thinking exercise to consider how sports might be revolutionized by simply changing the equipment utilized.