40+ Superstar Athletes That Found Love Before Their Professional Passion Even Began

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Winning is important in the cutthroat world of major league sports. Even though many of these professional athletes are fierce competitors, many of them have also achieved success in other spheres of their lives. For instance, they were fortunate in their love lives from an early age and scored big time before they even stepped on the field/court.

There is constant gossip in the world of professional sports, but that doesn’t mean it’s always negative. There are a remarkable amount of athletes who are happy to confirm the rumors that they’re living the epitome of a perfect marriage. We’re here to highlight the celebrities that got married to their high school sweethearts and have since achieved fame, money, and celebrity together.

Chris Paul Met his First love at a Basketball Game

NBA All-Star Chris Paul has demonstrated time and time again that he is more than capable of competing on the court. The basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder is currently among the highest-paid athletes in the world and has won numerous awards, including two Olympic gold medals.

Image source: cp3/Instagram

Just after high school, Chris Paul first met Jada Crawley at a basketball game in 2003. There was an undeniable spark between them, and eight years later, they got married. Together, they have two kids, and Jada frequently oversaturates her social media pages with touching pictures of her family.

At a High School Game, Russell Wilson Discovered His First Love

NFL quarterback Russell Wilson is a star player for the Seattle Seahawks. Notably, he’s the highest-paid player in the NFL and is a record-holder quarterback. As for his romantic life, he’s also scored big; his love story began in high school…

Image source: justjared.com

When they were both students, Russell and Ashton Meem had their first kiss. The two met during a high school game, after which Ashton transferred schools so she could be closer to him. They had a terrific run while it lasted even though they are tragically no longer together.

A 16-year-old Kris Bryant defeated his beau

As a Chicago Cubs baseball player for the 2015 season, All-Star Kris Bryant gained notoriety. He was even voted the MLB’s Most Valuable Player in 2016 after he contributed to the Cubs winning the World Series. Long before he charmed the world of sports, he wooed a woman named Jessica Delp.

Image source: kris_bryant17/Instagram

They met when they were both just 16. They went to different colleges but kept up their long-distance relationship. Kris eventually committed to the Chicago Cubs, but he remained devoted to his girlfriend. They got hitched in 2017 and fans went into overdrive when they announced they were expecting a child.

The Wedding of Mike Trout and His Best Friend

The center fielder’s accomplishments for the Los Angeles Angels include eight All-Star appearances. He is one of the greatest young players in baseball history and is a three-time recipient of the prestigious Most Valuable Player honor. In high school, he met Jessica Cox, who became his “Most Valuable Match.”

Image source: miketrout/Instagram

They were long-time friends before things went to the next level. After continuing their relationship, the pair wed in 2017. She has been by his side before he entered the world of baseball, and she’s been a constant throughout the entire adventure, according to Mike.

Steph Curry First Met Her at Church

The Golden State Warriors’ six-time NBA All-Star has been a tyrant on the court. His team won three World Championships with his assistance, earning him the title of “best shooter in NBA history.” At the age of 15, Stephen met Ayesha at a Christian youth group.

Image source: stephencurry30/Instagram

The spark was clearly there as they later reconnected at an awards ceremony. After that, they reignited their romance and began dating. In the same chapel where they had first met, Steph proposed in 2011 and they were married there. Ayesha is now a well-known chef and TV personality.

Ryan Tannehill wed his most prominent cheerleader

The successful NFL quarterback has received numerous awards, including the 2019 “NFL Comeback Player of the Year.” His strongest supporter, who is also an athlete, model, and working woman, is Lauren Tannehill. In high school, Lauren was a tennis-playing cheerleader.

Image source: rtannehill17/Instagram

She met Ryan in Florida during spring break just after graduation. The pair wed in a beautiful ceremony in Mexico in 2012. The great duo is now proud parents of two lovely children, and Lauren is now a cardiologist and a model.

The Love of Clayton Kershaw’s Life Aided in His Success

After 12 seasons in the major league, LA Dodgers’ star Clayton Kershaw has been dubbed “the best pitcher in baseball.” Aside from his eight All-Star appearances, Clayton Kershaw has succeeded all these years with the love of his life in the bleachers.

Image source: claytonkershaw/Instagram

Clayton and Ellen met when they were both in high school. They later wed in a lovely wedding in 2010 and are now parents to three kids. Together, the two also engage in charitable activity and are the definition of “couple goals.”

In Elementary School, Mariano Rivera First Met His Wife

Mariano Rivera, a five-time World Series champion and a 13-time All-Star, has established himself as an unbeatable force in the world of baseball. In 2019, the 17-year Yankee player was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame. But he was much younger when he first scored big time.

Image source: marianorivera/Instagram

Riviera and his wife Clara originally connected in elementary school and have been together ever since. They eventually got married in 1991. The couple currently lives contentedly in New York City with their three sons. Additionally, they are both well-known philanthropists.

Deron Williams wed his childhood sweetheart.

Deron Williams, a three-time NBA All-Star, has a list of accomplishments to his name. Now an Olympian with a gold medal, he is a player for the Cleveland Cavaliers on the floor. But before he ever sunk a basket, the professional athlete earned Amy Williams’ love while they were in the second grade.

Image source: dwill8/Instagram

They got close in high school, and in 2006, they made their union official. Together, they are now parents to four adorably cute kids. They founded the Point of Hope Foundation, which aims to support underprivileged families and raise awareness of autism.

The Eatons are the ideal power couple.

Ashton Eaton became a household name after winning the decathlon at the Olympics and setting a world record. Meanwhile, Brianna Eaton is also a gold medal-winning Olympian. They each have a competitive edge as sportsmen, and together they are unbeatable in life.

Image source: btheiseneaton/Twitter

The “Royal Eatons” initially connected when they were youngsters since they plainly had common interests. In 2013, their coach Harry Marra performed the marriage ceremony. Together, they support organizations like Team World Vision and are the ultimate power couple, always pushing each other to be their best.

CC Sabathia wed an athlete.

Pitcher CC Sabathia played 19 seasons in Major League Baseball and had a lengthy career. He retired after reaching the pinnacle of his profession, and his wife Amber has supported him throughout his journey. The two have been inseparable ever since they first connected in high school.

Image source: cc_sabathia/Instagram

She also finished with honors as a student-athlete, and it has even been said that she was a key to his success. After graduating from high school, the dynamic duo got married and had four kids together. Those kids have some pretty good genes if they want to pursue sports, too.

High school sweetheart turned into a WAG by Wayne Rooney

British football star and captain of the championship team Derby County, has received tons of praise. He set numerous goalscoring records while playing for Manchester United and the English national side. Prior to becoming renowned, Wayne originally met Coleen in high school.

Image source: waynerooney/Instagram

They finally got married in 2008 after dating for six years. Coleen thoroughly embraced her WAG position as a fashionista, TV presenter, and author as Wayne rose to sports stardom. They have four kids and a well-known relationship that has had its ups and downs but is still going strong.

A Basketballer Wed Russell Westbrook

NBA All-Star Russell Westbrook has established a number of records. The NBA Most Valuable Player thrice and two-time Olympic gold medalist is a basketball player for the Houston Rockets. Amazingly, his other half is also a basketball player. He met his future wife right after he graduated from high school.

Image source: ninawestbrook/Instagram

Dubbed “fastest player on her team,” Russel met Nina Earl, and the two fell in love and became an unstoppable team. Russell asked his longtime girlfriend to marry him in 2014, and the power couple has since welcomed three children into the world. Through the Russell Westbrook Foundation, they also give other kids power.

Buster Posey Wed the Girl He Met at the High School Prom

Buster Posey, a standout catcher for the San Francisco Giants, has had a successful career. He once received the MLB Most Valuable Player award and contributed to his team winning three World Series. He is not only a famous catcher and a hero to many baseball fans, but he also has a strong sense of family.

Image source: busterposey/Instagram

Buster and Kristen first became acquainted in high school while taking the SATs together. He then asked her to prom, and the rest is history — just like in a real rom-com. The devoted couple wed in their hometown of Georgia in 2009, and they welcomed twins in 2011.

Colorado is where Brandon McCarthy met his partner

Brandon McCarthy, a former professional baseball pitcher, had a successful and lengthy career pitching for major league clubs including the Atlanta Braves and the Los Angeles Dodgers. He’s now an office executive with the Texas Rangers. He met his match when he was a youngster and enjoyed success off the field just as much.

Image source: Mrs_McCarthy32/Twitter

Brandon and Amanda went to the same high school, and though they parted ways for college, the spark persisted when they later rejoined. They were married in 2010, and they now have a child together. In her blog, Amanda — who is also a model — fully embraces her WAG identity.

The marriage of Lionel Messi to his long-lost childhood sweetheart

Currently playing as a forward for Barcelona and serving as the captain of Argentina’s national team, Lionel Messi is a world-renowned Argentine professional footballer. He is known as “the best player in the world,” a title he earned after setting countless records on the field.

Image source: leomessi/Instagram

At age five, Lionel met Antonella, and the two quickly grew close. They reconnected as teenagers after Messi left for Barcelona to pursue his profession, and they publically announced their romance in 2008. In 2017, they finally were married in a celebrity-studded ceremony, and they now have three kids.

Since college, Jered Weaver’s beloved never left his side.

Jered Weaver, a former starting pitcher for the LA Angels and San Diego Padres, had a long and fruitful career in baseball. After three All-Star appearances, he has since retired, and teammates and fans alike respect him. But before becoming an LA Angel, he met his own angel…

Image source: ocregister.com

Just after high school, Jered initially encountered his future wife Kristin Weaver during a baseball game. Later, the two of them went to college, with Kristin remaining by his side through thick and thin. The power couple later got hitched to their longtime love in 2011, and they went on to have three lovely kids.

Manny Machado Had a Hasty Relationship

Manny Machado’s signing with the San Diego Padres became the highest-paying deal in the annals of American sports. He has four All-Star nods to his credit and is renowned for his defensive skills on the field. And he’s had equal success in his love life.

Image source: machados13/Instagram

Soon after graduating from high school, Manny and Yainee Alonso met thanks to a shared baseball connection. Yainee is the sister of one of Manny’s close baseball friends, Yonder. The couple first connected while they were young, and following a quick romance, they got married in 2014.

Kobe Bryant wed the prom queen from his high school

Kobe Bryant is an essential component of this list. Due to his incredible abilities, the late star was admired worldwide. He was an eighteen-time All-Star, and won five championships, two gold Olympic medals, and more. Kobe was recognized for both his skills on the court and his commitment to his family.

Image source: kobebryant/Instagram

Just after high school, Kobe first met his true love, Vanessa Laine. After a brief courtship during which they fell madly in love, the couple wed in 2001. The power couple later had four lovely children together and developed into the ideal couple in both life and love.

Matt Barkley First laid Eyes on Her in Preschool

A further rising NFL star on our list is Matt Barkley, the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. He is currently establishing himself in the NFL, and no doubt he will achieve even greater things in the future. Luckily for Matt, he also won the greatest award, whom he first met in preschool.

Image source: mattbarkley/Instagram

Matt originally met Brittany when he was just five years old, much like in the movies, and the two quickly became inseparable. They kept in touch, even though they later went to different schools. After courting, the couple proceeded to different colleges, but they finally got married and now have two kids.

Zack Greinke wed a cheerleader from his high school

Zack Greinke, a pitcher in Major League Baseball, pitched for the Kansas City Royals, LA Dodgers, and Houston Astros, where he is currently a fan favorite. He has a long and successful career. The 2018 All-Star married his biggest fan…

Image source: emilygreinke/Instagram

When Zack was a senior in high school in Orlando, he first met Emily. She was a cheerleader, and he was an athlete, just like in the movies, and they immediately clicked. They made it official in 2009 and have since expanded their family.

A Soccer Star and Logan Forsythe got married

Logan Forsythe, an American baseball infielder, began his career with the San Diego Padres. Logan is currently a star for the Texas Rangers, a spot he earned after establishing his value as a pitcher, catcher, and center fielder. Though he’s a successful baseball player, his real win was on the soccer field.

Image source: aforsythe11/Instagram

Logan and Ally met just after high school. Ally was a rising soccer sensation at the time, and although there was a spark between them, Logan had to travel around to pursue his aspirations of playing minor league baseball. During that time, the couple maintained their long-distance relationship, and now share a child together.

Mike Mussina wed an All-Star of his own.

Fans may know Mike Mussina better as “The Moose.” The former starting pitcher spent 18 seasons in the Major League. He was recently inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and received numerous honors, such as five All-Star selections and seven Gold Glove Awards.

Image source: upi.com

The All-Star connected with his fellow All-Star, Jana McKissick, in high school. They then went their own ways after graduating but subsequently came back together. Following Mike’s proposal, the couple got married in 1997. Now, they have three wonderful kids.

Vernon Wells found love in his hometown.

Vernon Wells, a Major League Baseball player and three-time All-Star, accomplished a lot in his career. The veteran center fielder earned multiple honors for his on-field prowess, including three Gold Glove Awards. He played for the Toronto Blue Jays as well as the New York Yankees.

Image source: bleacherreport.com

Vernon also has a strong sense of loyalty to his family. He met his soul mate, Charlene Valenti, in his hometown of Arlington, Texas. The high school sweethearts wed in 2001, and now have two sons who share their love of sports.

Joe Mauer first met his love when he was eight years old.

Joe Mauer was a Major League Baseball catcher who spent most of his time with the Minnesota Twins. He is now contentedly retired and contently still in love with his girlfriend after reaching the pinnacle of his profession and bagging the distinction of the only catcher to win three championships.

Image source: Christina McCormick – Bellasaluti Photography

When Joe was only eight years old, he first met his future wife, Maddie Bisanz. They had been close friends throughout high school; years passed before they started dating, but in 2012 they were wed. The Twins player and his wife later welcomed twins, which undoubtedly sent fans into overdrive.

The push from Peyton Manning’s Wife to continue

Peyton Manning, an NFL Pro, is widely recognized as an outstanding quarterback. He had a successful and protracted career. The “Sheriff,” as Peyton was known, is now retired and has a long list of accomplishments, including his touchdown score in his love life.

Image source: playerwives.com

Peyton and Ashley first connected through a common friend shortly after they graduated from high school, and they clicked right away. They married in 2001 and are still deeply in love. Peyton claimed that, following the birth of his children, Ashley was the one who pushed him to keep reaching for new goals.

Gregory Campbell already found his match at the beginning

Gregory Campbell, the son of a former NHL player, was destined for greatness. Before joining the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Canadian native built a reputation for himself as a professional ice hockey player with the Florida Panthers. He now uses his talents as a coach and continues to succeed both on and off the ice.

Image source: nhlhockeywags/tumblr

That is due to the fact that he has already won the most significant award. After meeting Katie in high school, Gregory and Katie fell in love. They got married in the summer of 2012, and since then, Katie, a yoga instructor, has born two adorable children.

Joe Sakic met his girlfriend in school

One of the best team captains in NHL history is Canadian player Joseph Sakic, also known as “Super Joe.” He received numerous honors during his 21-year ice hockey career and was just inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. While Joe was playing in Swift Current in high school, he first met Debbie.

Image source: coloradoavidgolfer.com

He married his crush just after a few years of dating, and they now have three gorgeous children. Joe continues to be adored by fans and is undoubtedly a devoted father. On top of that, his charitable endeavors are well-known.

Gordon Hayward and his athletic match were young.

Emerging basketball star, NBA player Gordon Hayward, spent seven seasons playing with the Utah Jazz before becoming one of the stars of the Boston Celtics. Gordon met his soul mate, Robyn, in high school; she shares his love of sports.

Image source: gordonhayward/Instagram

Robyn excelled at volleyball in high school, and she and her teammate ended up being the ultimate champions. After years of dating, the couple wed in 2014 in front of their friends and family. The winning team of the power couple now includes three kids.

When Dwayne Wade was a rising star, he met his love.

Dwayne Wade is a 13-time NBA All-Star. He was the best player in Miami history in practically every category, from games to points, thanks to his dominance on the court and contributions to his team’s four championships. Siohvaughn Funches and Dwayne originally met while they were both Illinois high school students.

Image source: BeforeFamous/Reddit

Siohvaughn was there while Dwayne was a growing star; they got married in 2002 and had two kids together. They had an excellent score while it lasted, despite the fact that things didn’t quite turn out the way they had hoped.

In College, Kurt Warner Met His Wife

Prior to joining the New York Giants and Arizona Cardinals, NFL quarterback Kurt Warner first gained notoriety while playing for the St. Louis Rams. Throughout it all, the recently-inducted Hall of Famer has been happily married to the woman of his dreams.

Image source: brendawarner/Instagram

Warner first met Brenda in college, though their relationship was highly turbulent. She was an ex-Marine who had had two children from a previous relationship, and he was a rising figure at the time. After getting engaged in 1997, he adopted her two kids, and the pair have now added five more kids to their family!

Jose Altuve’s wife is the ideal complement to his life.

Houston Astros’ second baseman, Jose Altuve, has many titles to his name. The six-time MLB All-Star has received numerous honors, including five Silver Slugs, and was recently acclaimed as “Major League Player of the Year” and “Male Athlete of the Year.” Before he had those titles, he won big time.

Image source: fabwags.com

Jose first met Nina in high school. Since then, the two have been inseparable, and Jose has remarked that she has pushed him to improve his skills. She follows his career and “seamlessly integrates into [his] life.” Now happily married, the couple has one kid.

Lebron James wed the prom queen from his high school.

NBA All-Star LeBron James is frequently compared to Michael Jordan and is hailed as “the greatest basketballer of all time.” The LA Lakers forward has numerous accomplishments, including winning three All-Star MVP awards and two gold medals at the Olympics. Though, according to him, none of it would’ve been possible without his “Wonder Woman aka Queen.”

Image source: kingjames/Instagram

When Le Bron James was a rising talent in Ohio in high school, he first met Savannah James, a cheerleader and softball player. He fell in love on the first date, and the two finally got married in 2013 a grandiose three-day ceremony.

Before starting college, Caron Butler met his love.

Caron Butler, a professional basketball player, won multiple awards throughout the course of his 14-year career while playing for various teams, including the LA Lakers and Sacramento Kings. He was once voted the Big East Men’s Basketball Player of the Year and went on to become a two-time NBA All-Star. He has also had luck in relationships.

Image source: caronbutler/Instagram

Just after high school, Caron had his first encounter with Andrea Pink during a pre-college summer program. After that, they began dating while in college, and in 2005, they got married in Las Vegas. With three kids total, including one from a prior relationship, they are more united than ever.

In kindergarten, Jordy Nelson first encountered his future wife.

Jordy Ray Nelson, an NFL standout, rose to prominence while he was a member of the Green Bay Packers. He transferred to the Pittsburgh Steelers after assisting them in their 2010 Super Bowl victory, and then he retired. Despite having accomplished a lot professionally, he had already made a successful life decision.

Image source: nbc15.com

Jordy met his future wife Emily for the first time in kindergarten while growing up in a small Kansas town. Although they briefly parted ways in the seventh grade, the two spent their whole childhood together. The couple was married in 2007, and they adopted two children before welcoming a baby boy into the family.

Drew Brees wed his personal saint

Before joining the New Orleans Saints, NFL star Drew Brees gained notoriety as a quarterback with the San Diego Chargers. “One of the unmatched quarterbacks of all time,” Drew currently has some outstanding stats, but he also has a strong sense of family in his heart.

Image source: drewbrees/Instagram

After graduating from high school, Drew Brees met Brittany, the love of his life. She wasn’t really impressed at first, but he quickly won her over. The couple got hitched in 2003, and Brittany now works full-time for their Dream Foundation. Together with his steadfastly devoted wife, the couple is the proud parents of four gorgeous kids.

Philip Rivers built a football team alongside his sweetheart

Philip Rivers, an NFL quarterback, has likewise had a lengthy and interesting career. He has formerly played for the Los Angeles Chargers, Tennessee Titans, and New Orleans Saints. He has broken several records and is adored by supporters all throughout the nation. Philip has also had a somewhat eventful personal life over that time.

Image source: chargers.com

Philip met Tiffany in high school, and there was an instant connection. Following their time in college, Philip proposed in 2001. After getting married, the power couple made the decision to found their own football team. The amazing couple has already welcomed eight kids into their hectic lives, and a ninth is on the way!

At the age of 14, Mitch Moreland met his wife.

Mitch and Susannah Moreland are another professional athlete couple who are bucking the trend. American baseball great Mitch Moreland, who currently plays first base for the Red Sox, has contributed significantly to the success of his team during his career.

Image source: mitch_moreland18/Instagram

While on vacation with their families at Orange Beach in Alabama, Mitch first met Susannah. They were in their early teens, yet they instantly clicked. The couple dated throughout high school before getting hitched in 2011. They have welcomed three new babies into their brood since that time.

Brett Favre wed his beloved

Brett Favre had a successful and lengthy career as a quarterback, primarily with the Green Bay Packers. He broke records and rose to the top of the NFL in quarterback victories throughout his tenure. His devoted wife supported him through thick and thin, and 2016 saw his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Image source: brettfavre/Instagram

In their hometown of Kiln, Brett and Deanna first became friends. They were high school sophomores when they began dating. Years later, the couple was married in 1996. Deana claims that despite their marriage’s ups and downs, they are now stronger than ever.

In high school, Jarrod Saltalamacchia discovered the one.

In addition to having the longest name in Major League Baseball history, Jarrod Saltalamacchia is also a competent catcher. He played for many teams throughout his career, including the Atlanta Braves, Texas Rangers, and Detroit Tigers, earning the moniker “Salty.”

Image source: MassLive via marriedbiography.com

He achieved enormous success in his job, but he also succeeded in his personal life. In the summer of 2005, a year after Jarrod graduated from high school, he married his high school sweetheart Ashley. The couple is still together and enjoying their marriage, and they now have four gorgeous kids.

Mark Teixeira wed his close friend

Mark Teixeira, a former professional baseman, is considered one of MLB’s all-time greatest switch hitters. The three-time All-Star, who spent a large part of his career with the New York Yankees, has retired after a distinguished career that included five Gold Glove Awards and three Slugger Awards.

Image source: wikibery.com

Mark met his future wife, Leigh Williams, just after high school. They attended the same college together, Georgia Tech. Since then, Leigh has been a constant source of support for Mark, both on and off the field. Of course, their love transcends his success.

Joe Flacco wed his high school sweetheart

Joe Flacco, an NFL quarterback, gained notoriety while playing for the Baltimore Ravens before switching to the Denver Broncos. In addition to having some remarkable stats, he is renowned for having a really “strong arm in the NFL.” Although he is powerful, he has a stronger teammate who has been by his side since the beginning.

Image source: joeflacco/Instagram

Joe fell in love with Dana Grady during their senior year in high school. They still have a great relationship and had the sweetest photo shoot on their wedding day at their high school football field. They now have five children, and we have no doubt that they are expanding their football team as well.

Jarome Iginla and his sweetheart had been together for a very long time.

Jarome Iginla, a forward who currently plays for the NHL, is a former pro. The 1500-game player, a six-time All-Star, won two Olympic gold medals and was well-known for his skills. He is also renowned for his pleasant disposition, according to his coach, who praised Jarome’s personality.

Image source: stalberttoday.ca

Jarome is a wonderful guy, something his high school sweetheart saw in him years ago. “We’ve been together for always,” Kara once remarked. The pair are avid humanitarians and currently have three gorgeous children. Jarome even received the NHL Foundation Player Award for his volunteer work.

Servando Carrasco Wed a Soccer Star

There are merits to thinking that athletes are drawn to other athletes, especially if they are as adorable as Servando Carrasco and Alex Morgan. Both Alex Morgan and Servando Carrasco play professional soccer for the LA Galaxy and the US Women’s National Team, respectively. Alex Morgan plays for the Orlando Pride.

Image source: servacarrasco/Instagram

Servando and Amanda connected in college. At that time, Servando was the senior soccer team co-captain, and Amanda was making an impression on talent scouts. They clicked, and Servando proposed in 2014. They both balance their love lives and professional professions after being married, and on social media, they are each other’s biggest supporters.