4 Fascinating Facts About The Stanley Cup

By Peter C

The Stanley Cup is one of the most iconic trophies in all sports, and it has a rich history dating back to its creation in 1892.

Source: @joshappel/Unsplash

Named after Lord Stanley of Preston, the Stanley Cup was first awarded in 1893. Despite its long history, there are many things that even die-hard hockey fans might not know about the Stanley Cup.

Three Stanley Cups

One of the first things people might not know about the Stanley Cup is that there are three different cups. The original one, called the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup, was awarded in 1970 and is located in a museum in Toronto.

In 1963, a new Presentation Cup was created to replace the original, which had become too brittle. Three decades later, a replica of the Presentation Cup was created to be used as a stand-in when the Presentation Cup wasn’t available.

The Uniqueness of the Stanley Cup

Another thing people might not know about the Stanley Cup is that it is unique among major sports awards. Unlike other trophies, a new Stanley Cup isn’t made every year.

Over time, the cup has evolved to accommodate the growing number of names, with five bands of championship names now engraved around the base.

The Official Engravers of the Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup is also notable for how names are added to the trophy. The NHL has only had four official engravers in its 96-year history, and the current engraver, Louise St. Jacques, takes great care to inscribe each name individually.

Source: @sethhoffman/Unsplash

This process takes approximately a half-hour per name and 10 hours total for the winning team.

An Attempt to Steal the Stanley Cup

Finally, the Stanley Cup has a fascinating history, with one fan even trying to steal the trophy in 1962. During the playoffs of that year, a Montreal fan tried to take the cup and leave with it, claiming he wanted to return it to its rightful place in Montreal. The cup was on display in Chicago at the time.